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My New Friend

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Ha! Already an interest in the fine art of cannabis growing sitting there with you and the octos, she's going to be a great one for sure.


for sure..


she is like my silent shadow.. always right there near me watching to ensure everything is good to go.


shes being so well behaved and she is out in the hallway and not in the grow area...

because we don't like animals in our grow rooms...

we don't like anyone else in our grow room...


so she stays out (mostly LOL)

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I knew she was a keeper first time I saw her. I bet she feels it too!


thanks grass...


i had my doubts...


now that her and i have bonded.. i feel connected to her on a much deeper level.


she is going to begin her Service Dog Training soon... but first i have to complete all her basic obedience training.


shes really well behaved for her age but she is raw as it pertains to training... as a hobby farm dog i don't think she has been exposed to to much diversity...


i continue to train her and appreciate her.. and she has been accepted by everyone in my life and she has been so well behaved.. way better than i had expected..

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What a cutie.  She's beautiful.


We rescued an overbred husky last year.  Had to take her thru heartworm treatment and just got her fixed.  All healthy now.  We were going to take her thru training to visit old folks, unfortunately she's too skittish.  She had a glaze over her eyes like she'd been sprayed with ammonia or something and was very weak and skinny.  I think she'd been beat too much to be calm enough for a visiting dog for old folks or sick kids.

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as some of you may remember i had to send my best friend Snickers to the rainbow bridge last july.


its been a difficult road but i finally found a new best friend to play with me.


Hanna is purebred German Shepherd all black and intelligent as i have ever seen a dog be.


shes incredible and i am going to begin training her as a service dog.


i got really lucky with craigslist on this one.. found her near Akron Ohio a few days ago..


what a champion..


welcome to the family my new friend hanna.





Im so glad you found another best friend!  I totaly understand, my dog is my constant, she loves me no matter what, she loves to just sit at my feet, and I just cant explain what pleasure she brings to my life, she is pushing 9 yrs old, a full breed black lab retriever, she used to be a breeder, I finaly took her to the vet to see If I could have her fixed (because of her age) and they did fix her, and now she is my 110 lb lap dog!


I honestly dont know what im gonna do when her time comes to leave us!


Im so happy for you John




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Hanna is so cute. Is she young or is she just petite, being a female?


I had a big black shep back in Uni. He was an apartment dog so I had to run him by my bike and walk him 3 or 4 times a day. He was off-leash trained and knew his hand signals.


He hardly ever barked, except for frogs and cats. Once I answered the door for a sales lady or something (I never had time to find out). He was quietly standing next to me while I made eye contact with the lady at my door. She was starting her pitch when she looked down at this big, black shep staring patiently back at her; she turned, screamed and ran away! No more sales at the door for me and my shep!


He (my dog that is) had a tiny white "sheriff's badge" on his upper chest. His whole family was big and black. His brother was the biggest: had the head of a horse!

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thank you Norby, PFC stone, Jim, Rockinsteady, and Ozz...

all of you very kind words... seriously thank you.


i really appreciate the positive thoughts.


Rs she will be three next month and although she is a bit on the small side at 55 lbs i gotta say to be truthful i really like that about her..possibly a runt thing? not sure but it kinda means she eats less... and trust me she already has trouble fitting in the front seat of the grocery getter :)

any bigger and she would be likely to smother me alive LOL


shes awesome.


we have bonded.


i feel like i really got lucky with this one..

or at least i think..


i nearly gave up on her after a week because she was so skittish.. and my trainer had so many doubts about her ability to perform as a service dog..


thank God i realized she had been through a lot recently..


I decided to persevere.


she is attentive, smart, disciplined and ready to follow me everywhere (which is both good and bad LOL because i wander a lot and tend to go in circles sometimes and shes like WTF dad... lol)


no seriously tho she literally has become my shadow.


a great friend


thank you everyone once again for the kind words in this thread it makes me happy to be a part of such a unique group of people.


peace and God bless.

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on the reading and research side of things...


great news...


apparently the black ones are excellent :)



A Black German Shepherd is a great dog in which to make an investment. These dogs run between eight hundred and one thousand dollars, but are well worth the investment.(edit.. Mine by the good grace of God was free. [even tho i had to drive 800 miles at very short notice] i am a disabled combat veteran and was searching for a potential service animal - as it turns out her owner had his cancer come out of remission and could not take care of her.. so they put it out there that she needed a good home immediately and what do you know.. i was watching at the time..

a moment of prayer or silent reflection for her previous human would be appreciated here......................

((thank you God))

The darker the coat color and the more luxurious it is, the more expensive the dog will be. Black German Shepherds are the most popular dog in Australia and the Australians don't think twice before buying one of these dogs. The Black German Shepherd should be easy to find by checking the Internet for reputable breeders. They are plentiful and their litters run up to ten pups each.

Maintaining a healthy Black German Shepherd is fairly easy. She will need plenty of exercise every day, so walking twice a day or having a large fenced in area is recommended. There is more chance of health problems if a Black German Shepherd is confined to a small area. Hip and elbow dysplasia is a common concern with these dogs, but with proper preventative measures the problem can be easily dealt with.

The Black German Shepherd is a dog that can be trained to do almost anything. It has already been used as a disability aid dog. Almost all seeing eye dogs are Black German Shepherds. They work as correctional services dogs and customs dogs.

Black German Shepherds have been used as police dogs, customs dogs, disability aid dogs, correctional services dogs, obedience dogs and companion animals. These dogs are fabulous pets and are hard working dogs. They can be used in almost any environment because they are so versatile and obedient.

They can be trained to do almost anything. They are great with children as long as they are given their boundaries with small children. They are very protective of the children in their home and make great watchdogs.

What can't this dog do? She is characteristically one of the best dogs on the planet and should be listed as number one the breed list as man's best friend.

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Your dog is welcome at my home any time, and Im sure it will get along with my black lab!  I hear ya about the shadow thing, mine follows me every where, and it does seem I get a lil bit of a.d.d going and if I turn around real fast to go back some where I trip over her lmao! Im not complaining,  I love my dog being with me, I bring her for rides in the car and would bring her every where I go but some people just dont like dogs visiting when I visit, oh well, I kinda try to stay away from them types or have them come to me for what ever it is we are doing!


I have an associate that just treats his dog like poop, when ever I go there the dog comes right to me, I love to pet him, he dont jump on me, he just wants some attn! my donkey------- always yells at it to go lay down, and if he is any where near her bed (lay down place) she shakes and I can tell he abuses him, I have lost alot of respect for this person and always say why dont you let me bring him home, I would love this dog!  And Im pos the dog would be happier in our home than his, some people dont deserve dogs or kids!


Im so  happy for you and your new best friend!




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Dogs are awesome.  About 15 years ago my dad had a Rott mix stray show up at his house.  He'd feed her oatmeal mixed with scrambled eggs.  She got protective of the home and when his church friends showed up for a visit she was waaay too protective for the comfort of the older folks.  I ended up taking the dog with the idea of re homing her.  I kept her in the garage for a few days and then let her out with my female German shepherd.  They became fast friends.  The shepherd died a couple of years later (at about age 14) and the rott mix was beside herself.  We had a couple of toddlers in the family at the time, and the family was terribly concerned about what the Rott mix might do.  She loved the kids and would let them take food out of her mouth with no issues and the toddlers could pull her tail and ears and squeal at her and yet she remained calm.  Some family members looked at her like a wild dingo, ready to devour children.


She'd sleep in the hallway between their bedrooms.  Best dog ever. 

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when I was young my dad acquired a shepherd hidden in an abandoned house. It had killed one robber and maimed another in a store robbery while loose at night closing inside. Not before it was beaten on the hips with some sort of metal pipe. After some emergency surgery strangely It was supposed to be euthanized but instead smuggled away to my house after some time. It was wild and mean and crazy for a few weeks, chained to our backyard fence day and night. Dad would throw it dog food, getting closer and gentler daily. In no time it was in my home, and sleeping in my bed. She was a fierce guard dog and always knew how to act and what to do. I watched her maul an intruder in my own home, causing severe permanent damage and hospitalizing two other people when I was jumped outside of my own house. she came threw the glass storm door off of the porch and took care of business.  She got weak some years later with great difficulty walking. I got home from school one day and her chain collar was on my pillow. When the dog was called off of my bad guys she only cared about my injuries, and that will stick forever.

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Rottweilers are amazingly gentle family dogs, I miss mine badly. I want to rescue one if anyone ever comes across one PLEASE let me know, my family is ready.


I'm aware of the Michigan and Wisconsin rottweiler rescues, the Michigan one is a stretch, I'm in the UP. The woman that runs the Wisconsin one doesn't return emails and won't accept calls BEFORE 9:30 PM!

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