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Anyone Tried Autopot?

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I have been recently searching around on yhe Internet for soil grow systems. I stumbled across AutoPots system which they have in various configurations. I had never heard of these before and once I checked on YouTube I saw huge greenhouses growing peppers with them. I've seen in the forums people discussing octopot, and at the time I thought it was some strain of cannabis(lol) isI didn't actually read that thread until later. After stumbling across the Autopots I realized that octo pot is very similar and that folks on the forums have been trying those. although I recently purchased a Hydrofarm grow flow system I am still very curious about the auto pots as you can use soil with them. thanks for any and all info on how effective these are.

have a family member that uses soil and is interested in making watering easier.





Youtube videos



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like every other grow system the autopots work fine. Each system has its operator specific learning curves, advantages and disadvantages. For instance some are self contained, others need plumbing. For someone who absolutely manage a leaking fitting a no plumb system would be "better" for them.

Since deciding to grow organic style in dirt I found no system easier for me to work with than the octopot. I'll most likely never need to alter my grow style so these will always fit my needs to a T.

some people may need a larger reservoir than 6 gallons, or may wish to keep their plants mobile, making the octopot a poor choice for example. The autopot will be no different. I've been able to make every system work very well for me. It comes down to a point of how hard do I want to work at my hobby.

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Actually, I've a solution to that Grass: I remember when I was young there wee little carts that in Gym classes we would often push/kick around on, smunching ones fingers. It got me thinking- Flat surface, just put Casters on them. Would be able to custom size a base for the pots, and have rolleys on em' to boot.

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mibrains has some slick carts he built like that. harbor freight has some cheap casters too. come to think about it, they may have cheap carts with casters already built! like the ones you put your car on, each tire, to move it around the garage.

Once I configure my best options I wont be moving them around anymore. I ran one dry purposely and the plant didn't cry for two more days.

you gonna try some ADM ? 

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Hey guys, thanks for the input so far. I too have been able to make what I have had at the time work for me but, as I age and my back condition worsens, I am always making improvements so I carry less and bend over less. -:)


I was just curious if anyone had tried these yet so I could report back to my soil growing family member. He would like to try an auto watering type system, but for soil.


I am running hydro and recently plumbed my ro system into a 55 gallon drum raised 42" off the floor and plumbed that with 3/4 inch pvc right into my veg and flower rooms with spigots and washer hose cut in half to fill the reservoirs. Also switched from dwc to modular ebb and flow. So far all is working well and much easier on my back. No more hauling buckets. A recently installed utility tub in close proximity also helps. Will have to take pics soon of the improvements and share in a different thread.


Thanks again all,




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Show your relative the utube vid "Auto Pot Watering Systems-4Pot System Animation including voice over."

I think your family member will see that there's massive lifting of a solid involved.

Any method not using a hose to move the medium around is outta reach for the physically challenged.  AutoPot is just one of the poor choices available.

Water is the by far the easiest medium to lift/relocate/dispose of in some other way than with back and shoulders.  Water is way easier to lift, relocate, dispose of, than those lightwight mediums in 2nd and 3rd place:  perlite, coco coir.

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