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"enclosed Locked Facility"

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Can anyone help me find out what the bare minimum would be for this?


I supposedly can't put locks on my bedroom doors because of a city ordinance.


It says the "enclosed locked facility" must be stationary, so a tent probably would not cut it. But could you build a cabinet out of wood and have that locked?

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“Enclosed, locked facility” means a closet, room, or other comparable, stationary, and fully enclosed area equipped
with secured locks or other functioning security devices that permit access only by a registered primary caregiver or
registered qualifying patient.


I think a stationary cabinet with locks would fit that definition?? It would be like a closet... but would fall under "or other comparable, stationary..."


And yeah my landlord said there is a ordinance about that.

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as long as nobody knows then nobody will ever know. Problem comes when we show off our fine work and allow others to see, sample, etc. seems someone talks, then someone is raided. A tent is a fine option, I used 7 of them in 2009, then built a separate building with a controlled room at one end. If you're nearby I'll sell you a used grow tent(several sizes) at a great price. You'll need two tents, at least 3x3 and 5 feet tall,  grow lights/ballasts. I suggest digital ballasts that you can set the wattage, so you can cut back if needed. Buy a thousand watter for flower and set it to six hundred watts for example. I highly suggest a cheap 2x2 or larger T5 lighting fixture with cool bulbs for vegging/cloning. you'll need a small dehumidifier, maybe an air conditioner in the room, and really important...a quality "stink sock" for each tent, and two inline fans to operate them, timers, heat, etc. Don't waste your cash on fancy reflectors, just buy the cheap wing style for 30-40 bucks. Figure out a place to duct your hot air if you cant cool it. be aware of smells all the time. you will not be able to cover them up ever, only treat them at the source. charcoal filter stink socks, at least the knee high ones.


don't pant until you get your card. don't ever go over your plant count. 12 plants will seem like not enough for the first few months, but no worries at all, this will soon be the least of your problems. 12 is plenty for one cat n a perpetual legal growing garden, you can have several slots for clones, vegging and a few flowering all the time at different stags of growth. variety is best, cup winners a good place to start. buy Jorge Cervantes grow bible and follow directions.



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people grow in those locked wardrobes.

can grow in a locked cabinet too


if you are renting (you mentioned a landlord) there might be something in the lease agreement about installing locks...


theres no city ordinance about installing locks on bedroom doors, at least none that would be enforceable.


please just use the room and install a lock. preferably a doorknob lock that auto locks when the door is shut (and make sure to put an auto-door-shut lever on the door) to keep the door locked and closed at all times.....

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in America?


if you believe the city can disallow you to lock your bedroom door, maybe growing a controlled substance isn't for you?

I'd check into these laws if I were you, and call an attorney for clarification. 


maybe they will allow you to put a lock on the closet in your bedroom? :excl:

i also agree

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