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The Hash Bash Is Sat. Free First Uber Ride For Newbies.

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Going to the hash bash (this works anywhere where UBER is too) this Sat. If you have not used UBER the ride share service b4 you can download the free a and put in the following to get u to a 20 dollar first ride. This is done when you are getting the ride not once you are in the car. Just add the promo 3mli0 and Uber pays. They are trying to expand their user base hence the promo. No you can't smoke in the car! that what you do at the Hash Bash! (Like you didn't know)

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Is that Ricky?!  Haha - funny shiit, Carl! 


The Hash Bash happens the first Saturday in April and has been going for over forty years.  It began as a celebration of the freeing of MC5 manager John Sinclair from ten years of prison for selling two joints to an undercover officer.  A 'Free John Sinclair' concert was held at Crisler arena with among many Michigan rockers a special guest star by the name of John Lennon. Under such public pressure the old sentencing laws were declared unconstitutional. Before the new laws could take place there was a brief period of legal limbo where there was actually no law at all against possession of marijuana in MI.  On April 1st 1972 freeks gathered on the Diag at U-M to celebrate and the Hash Bash was born. Since then it has grown into a major legalization rally attracting thousands each year.  Tommy Chong is supposed to be one of the guest speakers tomorrow.



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Yes, this is Ricky, glad someone recognized it! :)


Thanks for the info guys. Unfortunately I live in the UP so I won't be able to attend. I need someone to drive my van, my wife would if I plan ahead but we got kid stuff going on.


I've been to harvest fest in Madison WI many times. Similar event it seems. Have fun to those that are going!

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