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Pbs On Cancer

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Been watching it myself. Saw the first two & believe the final is airing tonight at 7pm.


Interesting to learn the progression over time. Was surprised to learn for how very long we knew tobacco caused cancer & to realize how very good big tobacco has been at obscuring that truth, and for how long. Scary how big biz can get away w such things, esp when looking at how uncommon lung cancer used to be before the popularity of smoking & how serious it has become as each year we smoked more & more. hHow such a strong relationship can get swept under the rug is disheartening. Doubt tobacco is the only industry... wonder how oil & power will stack up over time.


Interesting in how we frame the oncogene as the enemy... seems like their function almost goes hand & hand w evolution, as in genetic mutation in response to envrionmental changes leading to a possible 'better' version to address the new environment. Better or worse as a result, seems like two sides of the same coin. It may require tens of thousands of negative outcomes, but perhaps one of those mutations will result in positive benefit over time. Genetic mutation over time = evolution. Just dont see cancer framed in such a way.

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I came to conclude that anything that damages DNA at the critical locations in the double helix causes the disease, from toxic chemicals to gamma rays that pass right through us, leaving behind damaged tissue behind. Those causes are many, and, as the program demonstrates, alter the conditions of Deoxyribonucleic acids. Carcinogens have the apparent ability to rewrite the story of our lives that is written in our DNA, or maybe it can be described as spilling water on an inked page, leaving illegible and incoherent conditions that, in these cases, run amok.

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Part 3 was the hardest to watch... placed faces to the disease.


Interesting that yahoo news had this posted today...


The very first human trial of a new approach to cancer treatment has scientists excited

Business Insider

Lauren F Friedman 17 hours ago


A human melanoma cell line.Two of the most promising recent approaches to cancer treatment are immunotherapy, which harnesses the body's own immune system to fight cancer, and personalized medicine, which involves therapeutics that are targeted to the genome of a particular patient and that patient's cancer.


Now scientists have combined those two strategies to create a novel treatment: a vaccine developed for a single patient that triggers an immune system attack that is laser-focused on that patient's tumors.


In the very first human trial testing this approach, the personalized vaccines successfully activated an immune response in three patients with melanoma.


The research is in its earliest stages — it's too soon to say if the treatment actually improved survival in the patients or whether it will work in others at all. Still, scientists are excited about the idea and the proof-of-concept results, which were published in the journal Science on April 2.



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I think that insurance coverage may tilt the balance toward FDA approved medicines.  Eventually I believe insurance companies will cover cannabis medicines, but only those produced by a pharma company and only FDA approved medicines.


Over time that policy would benefit GW, INSY, and other pharma companies over non-pharma companies producing essentially the same medicine.   I know it seems unpalatable but that is how I see it.  Will patients pay $8.00 for 30 days of pharma produced cannabis medicine or $50, $100, or higher for 30 days of non-covered cannabis medicine?

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Here's what gets me on that whole debacle...


That gwpharma got their core genetics from a source that ran commercial greenhouse crops of mj during the dutch boom years. What was intended outcome for those crops? That's their primary source for genetics & a primary architect for their grows. It also goes to show that much of what the medical community has today directly stems from the illicit market & the work done by participating individuals. A number of ways to look at that.


Related to this is the past video of the gwpharma crops... that had visible mold growing on the plant leaves. Hmmm... even at a 'lab grade' big pharma grow, under professional commercial crop managers, has mold problems when done on scale, indoors. This is even evidenced by sam's comments regarding gw's research in trying to remove mycotoxins from extracted cannabinoids, to which I believe they were unsuccessful. You have to infer that last part based on the language of his posts, but point being is that they have mold.


Just because they r big pharma & conducting patented research doesn't mean they are clean themselves. Ethics from the start are sketchy, and large scale indoor commercial cropping (no matter who does it) is ripe w problems. Wonder if they just spray now? Or if they did even back then (very likely) & still had problems at that scale?

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