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Found some old seeds back in NY.


Grape x licorice circa 1995 (15)

Unknown circa 1995 same packaging unmarked.(10)

Licorice x licorice circa 2000(3)

licorice x T2  "" 2000(3)

Various unknown crosses 2002 - a seed run I did because things were getting old. crosses and mixed pure seeds from some of my favorites unlabled.(80+)


Hopefully I'll get at least a few to crack.  It'd be great to be able to test at least a few of my original genetics and get them back into the mix. Really excited for this!!! Even though they probably aren't in good shape, the chance at just one male or female to remember the strains of yesteryear. :)

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Oh man monkey paw!  I hit a jack pot, but I would take the monkey paw over the jack pot!


that brings back memory's, I forget but they did have names back than, just not as many eh?


My jack pot was betting 3 bucks on a virtual black jack table, I bet 2 bucks on the bonus and 1 buck on the hand,


the bonus is if you are dealt same suite on your cards it pays 2 to 1, if you get a king queen same suite it is 25 to 1, and if you get a king queen same suite and the dealer gets a king queen same suite its 1000 to 1, I hit with the dealer and my 2 bucks paid me 2k!


I would gladly give that up for the monkey paw!  :dodgyrun:



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The grape I called grape bubble yum.  Smelled and tasted just like it(the gum). 

The licorice stick smelled and tasted like black licorice.  And I was able to trade 1.75 grams of it for the 3rd nite at brendan byrne arena for a smokin Grateful Dead show(most sought after ticket).  Beautiful frosty buds with florescent orange hairs.  I think it was descendant of the "vermont skunk" I had.  Great psychedelic high.

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Sounds pretty killer, I take it that must mean that the licorice is more of a sativa heavy strain then? 


The taste of the Bubble Yum (Grape) seems like it would be something to taste to believe, that'd be a wicked sweet leaf right there.


What was/is "Crunchberry"?

Ya, I had some smokin 8-9 week sativas back in the day.  Ones that, if you smoked it accidentally before going out, you'd turn around and go back inside.  Unless of course you live in the country and no one is around. :)

The grape was my second favorite of all time for taste.

Crunchberries were the berry type things in cap't crunch cereal and the name of my 3rd favorite strain of all time. :)

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It still hasn't thrown a tail yet but I pinched it open and the tail is white.  It's viable but who knows if it'll pop.

I opened the grape/licorice and they had blackish tails and white cotyledons with a brown spot at the top.  They didn't look good.  I think I'll put 6 in soil and cover the top with saran wrap and see what happens with those. 

I put down the 3 licorice stick. I think those will pop.  They're from 02 so I'm more hopeful. 


I'm from across the lake(ny) till up about a year ago.  I can't remember where I got the vermont skunk but it was about 89-91 and it would've been seed form. Could be different vermont skunk.  I think it was from a college buddy who had a friend in vermont who grew some skunk outdoors every year and it had a few seeds.

  The only clones I ever got was from a buddy who owned a head shop on Elmwood ave. in buffalo, a glass blower, who moved to cali and came back to buffalo in a vw with 2 clones in solo cups.  He didn't remember the names of them but I think he said they were from Larry's room, like I should've known who he was?  They had an A and B on the cups and one was the most dank lemon pine sol diesel fuel smelling thing ever.  I couldn't smoke it and work around the glass tanks for fear of falling over into them.  Made you dizzy.  The other seemed like bubble gum.  Short fat fruity sweet buds.  That was around mid 90's.  Other than that all I've ever been gifted or got was seeds.  Hopefully the unknowns are from the lemon pine sol.  Man there are sooooo many I'm hoping they're offspring of. :)

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