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Marijuana Legalization Ballot Drive Launched In Michigan

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Marijuana legalization ballot drive launched in MichiganPosted: Apr 09, 2015 3:13 PM EST Updated: Apr 09, 2015 3:13 PM EST
Posted By Brianna Owczarzak
LANSING, Mich. (AP) -

Michigan would legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use under the proposed wording of a ballot initiative submitted to the state.

Once authorized by the Board of State Canvassers, the Michigan Cannabis Coalition's initiated law would require roughly 252,000 valid voter signatures before going to the Republican-led Legislature. If lawmakers rejected the bill or took no action, it would receive a statewide vote in November 2016.

The initiative announced Thursday is being supported by six to eight anonymous people from the agricultural, real estate, insurance and education sectors. Spokesman Matt Marsden says Michigan could add jobs and tax revenue by legalizing and regulating recreational marijuana.

The state already allows marijuana use for medical purposes.

A group of marijuana activists also is planning a 2016 legalization ballot drive.

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If this were on the 2016 election cycle, honestly vote in the poll, as you would vote in November 6th, 2016 on election day.  This is just a rough draft poll and verbiage ofcourse, to get a feel of your honest response if this language were presented on the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle... Please vote honestly as you would if it were there... Yes I know there are 3 other options being floated, Now there is 4.  But concerning just this proposal, If it were on the Ballot, would you vote yes or no?



Remove Cannabis from the Mi Controlled Substances Act and never prohibit it again in Michigan.


Removal of all Criminal Associations for any and all Cannabis or Cannabis Related Activities, in or for any amount of 


living and or deal Plants, regardless of type, or if it is an extract, derivative, salt, preparation, product, for all use by any Adult


18+, or minor with Parent/Guardian Permission, for all Personal, Industrial, Research or Developmental Use and Purposes of


any and all Cannabis and Cannabis Based/Related Products.  So say we the Voters of Michigan in this 2016 election cycle



Should We the People of the State of Michigan Adopt this Ballot Proposal #420.

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