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Total And Complete Decriminalization In 2016.

Total and Complete Decriminalization is 2016.  

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  1. 1. Would you Vote Yes or No if this proposal were on the 2016 Election Cycle

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If this were on the 2016 election cycle, honestly vote in the poll, as you would vote in November 6th, 2016 on election day.  This is just a rough draft poll and verbiage ofcourse, to get a feel of your honest response if this language were presented on the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle... Please vote honestly as you would if it were there... Yes I know there are 3 other options being floated, Now there is 4.  But concerning just this proposal, If it were on the Ballot, would you vote yes or no?



Remove Cannabis from the Mi Controlled Substances Act and never prohibit it again in Michigan.


Removal of all Criminal Associations for any and all Cannabis or Cannabis Related Activities, in or for any amount of 


living and or dead Plants, regardless of type, or if it is an extract, derivative, salt, preparation, product, for all use by any Adult


18+, or minor with Parent/Guardian Permission, for all Personal, Industrial, Research or Developmental Use and Purposes of


any and all Cannabis and Cannabis Based/Related Products.  So say we the Voters of Michigan in this 2016 election cycle



Should We the People of the State of Michigan Adopt this Ballot Proposal #420.

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Here is a bit more Comprehensive language I put together last November, after the abysmal failure of Legislature, and the woeful ineptitude of those in Mi Legislation.  I firmly Believe they ran an Interference play beginning last year, and it was successful as they totally shut down any Energy to make a darn Change Last Election Cycle, and people in our own Community let them do it because, they want to try to work a deal with the Enemy.

"There are but 2 threats to Liberty, Criminals and Government.
So Let us bind the later, so it does not become the legal version of the 1st."
Thomas Jefferson, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, and the 2nd President of our Nation.
This language is geared for that purpose.

"We, the People of the State of Michigan, on this day, Amend the Constitution of the State of Michigan, by legal and proper Right of the



People via this Peoples Initiative, now hereby fully and openly declare to God and Government, an immediate and complete state wide



decriminalization of Cannabis, in all of its biological variety, or diversity, or form, or type, or linage, for the complete and full use by We the



People, in any form or product, including but not limited to the use and/or development of, any plant material thereof, or extract thereof, or



preparation thereof, or composite thereof, for any personal, agricultural, industrial, medical, textile, research, product or product 



development, or any other personal or industrial base for suitable uses, for any lawful means, or purposes.



This shall include the complete and immediate repeal of all Legislative, and/or any other Governmental, or Contractors there of, including



any Federal Entities operating in the State of Michigan under any purpose, any Mandates, Policies, Laws, and/or Decrees, of any Nature or



Manor, that are currently Held in Legal Fiction or Color of Law, or put forth in any form in the future except by Legal Peoples Initiative



anything that inhibits, makes illegal, or otherwise infringes upon the Constitutional Right of Any and All Legal Citizens of the State of 





Michigan, the Constitutional Right to Possess, Own, Grow, Use, Cultivate, Deliver, Process, Ingest, Consume, Propagate, or Manufacture 



into any from, any Cannabis whatsoever.



So Say We the People of this great State of Michigan."



Now, do you want to wait for Government and Big Business to set the rules?



Or are you ready to take your own Future into your hands?


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Same old afraid Mal.. Thanks for all that "Help" there Dude. So you want the Government to do it, Duly noted.

Pic book, I'm not sure why you cant vote on it. It should be, you just have to click the radio button on the left of your choice, and then click vote underneath it.

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I would just write something that is worth a shiit and drop the nonsense and not merely decriminalize.


Asked if I would vote for your joke language; I say no. It is crapp.



After watching the original law get molested time and time again , simple language is quite refreshing.


Crapp , joke, nonsense ? You are not your eloquent self today.


In DC this week discussing the issue and I think you would be surprised at the public support for Decriminalization. Only the greedy want corps/gov to run the show

This would pass in Michigan


Please elaborate


ETA. Using God on our currency works pretty well , Thinking the voters of our great state are so sick of the politics of the issue they would support this even if satan drafted it himself

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Why can't we just keep religion entirely out of politics mmkay? Voted no because of the wording myself as well.  I disagree with 18+ as an example. 21+ seems more apropos to me. I'd also point out the grammatical mistakes in the wording. See post 1- "living and or deal Plants...
I'm assuming you meant "dead" and not deal, but if it's proposed ballot and such it should be spell-checked/read over as a start.

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I don't like the religious aspect either, but this is why he posted right ? to rewrite it to fit the community standards I think.

On the other hand if the author wants to believe in god while growing/selling/using marijuana stops putting people in prison.....I'm not gonna give a hoot. I cant spend a dollar without the reminder that those who wish to oppress us support this god even on their tool.

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It has often been said on the Internet that to find God in the Constitution, all one has to do is read it, and see how often the Framers used the words "God," or "Creator," or  "Jesus". None of these words ever appears in the Constitution, neither the original nor in any of the Amendments.

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I'm not particularly fond of the religious angle either, but I'm more concerned with opening up the constitution. Those who study these thing say it risky to do so. Something about being able to sneak things that are not wanted.


No offense Timmahh, but we would need someone with a little more knowledge of writing constitutional law then an MMMA member. I'm all for "Plain language", but when it comes to changing the constitution one better know what they're doing.

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The Use of the word GOD is there, because it is in our Michigan Constitution.

And we are dealing with the MICHIGAN Constitution boys and girls, not the Federal One.

You boys better Brush up on your Civil Law... Which is where the Constitution falls under by the way there Marmyduck and MedmanMike. It is CIVIL LAW.

The Michigan Constitution Reads


We, the people of the State of Michigan, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom, and earnestly desiring to secure these blessings undiminished to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution.


You dont have to like it, but it is what it is. 

What I find amazing is you would let a WORD stop you from BECOMING A PRISONER OF THE STATE. lol


Look. I may be an old white man, but that doesn't mean I need to believe as they do. For over 2,000 years "old white men" , both sacred and secular, have been telling us what to believe and what to think. Frankly, I'm tired of it. I think we can do better for ourselves then by blindly following along in their footsteps.


You are free to believe what you want as am I. All I'm saying is that there is no need to incorporate this "almighty" crap in to a law on Cannabis! It's wording like that that keeps us prisoners of the state, imho.


Btw, one of my favorite sayings is "God made pot. Man made beer. In God we trust!" No irrational fear here...

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This is why cannabis will Always be A Problem.

This or most any other community couldn't come to a consensus if it's very existence depended on it.

What ever is written better be written in Plain simple to understand language that cannot be parsed or twisted.

No "Should" only "Shall"

No "May" only "Must"

Concrete words with concrete meanings that cannot be misunderstood by Anyone...

' something like " we the people of the state of Michigan do hereby declare that the possession both personally and ingested metabolites to be a legally protected activity.

The manufacturing of it ( allowed at a plant count of 12 per citizen in any stage of growth ) and all mixtures thereof shall be a protected activity for citizens who are 21 years of age or older in this state from this day forward.

All inmates whether they be in State or County/city incarceration facilities shall have their judgements vacated for Non-violent cannabis convictions and released forthwith.

There shall be no further laws enacted which either lower this acts protections or allows further restricions on its intent.

Once codified into law this act cannot be amended or revisited.

So say the Citizens of The State of Michigan.


Did you guys see how the DOJ is twisting that federal MMJ protections that were passed into law?

Now the senators who wrote it are explaining it to the DOJ..so that they understood what was written and its intent...

IRONCLAD Language!!



IronClad language!!

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Why is it so stupidly important to you to try and shove your views down other peoples throats? I'd prefer it if money didn't have the word "God" on it either. Do I refuse it? No, ONLY because it is the currency used here. However, religion is worthless to me, so the whole "god" bit is moot. I refuse, with EVERY fiber of my being, to believe that some rib woman was convinced by an evil talking serpent to eat magical fruit from a mystical tree, and furthermore refuse to acknowledge the existence of a cosmic zombie who watches over all.


So yeah, I absolutely would refuse the proposed idea if it HAD to be tethered to some religion.

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Cannabis is not the problem, the problem is the legalese pened by the experts that is so vague it is left to the interpretation of the courts to push their own agenda. Look what is happening with the 2nd amendment.


The courts love legalese, It's job security.


The language timmah uses , spelling notwithstanding. Insures the will of the people and not the whim of the court.


Don't let opponents of the will of the people distract us with minor issues like spelling or God. If they are so offended by it stop using our currency. They worship the almighty dollar,,,God and all


Decriminalization. Is the vehicle to propell our state out of recession and position us as the Leader in the industry, just like we were in the automotive industry before. It will generate revenue where it is needed the most and not funneled to the 1%. It will provoke research , production , marketing and distribution of plethora of products across the entire spectrum of industries including mom and pop cottage industries.


Regarding tax revenue, the republicans say No new taxes but as we see with the roads bill by our repup governor the really mean no taxes for them and lots of new taxes for us.

As long as there is income tax decrim will fill the states coffers.


Why do we have to have pot for potholes. Where is the hydocodone for homeless or the alcohol for Alzheimer's? There isn't because it is rediculous.


Decriminalzation is the Solution.


We WILL ALL benefit thru decrim


Michigan CAN be the WORLD LEADER in the cannabis industry.


I pologize to the grammar nazis ( God help them) but they get the point.

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Strike religion from it and I'd consider it, but until they can be entirely separated, no dice here. Religion is not necessary in law language.  Period.


Some could call it petty that I'd hinge it on the religion crud, but I'm pretty adamant that it's important to respect the views of NON-RELIGIOUS people as well, as well as those who have a religion who doesn't worship some purported mighty mystic.

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