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Gw Pharmaceuticals Securing Patents For Thc/cbd.

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Drug Maker Secures Patent on THC and CBD as Cancer Treatment


A pharmaceutical company in the United Kingdom, specializing in the research and development of pot-based drugs, recently obtained early approval on a patent covering two specific cannabinoids found in marijuana to be used as treatment for brain cancer.


According to a press release, GW Pharmaceuticals will hold the patent rights to the two primary compounds found in marijuana, THC and CBD, for use as medicine for patients suffering from gliomas -- the most common form of malignant brain tumor.


The United States Patent Office informed the drug company earlier last week, by way of Notice of Allowance, that a patent application filed several years ago was officially deemed a genuine invention and is now in its final stages of approval.


GW Pharmaceuticals must now submit the appropriate fees before final approval for their cancer combatant patent is granted. Try saying that five time fast.


“The subject patent specifically covers a method for treating glioma in a human using a combination of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) wherein the cannabinoids are in a ratio of from 1:1 to 1:20 (THC:CBD) with the intent to reduce cell viability, inhibit cell growth or reduce tumor volume,” according to a statement issued by the company.


GW’s patent application was originally filed in 2009, which detailed the company’s invention of the “use of a combination of cannabinoids in the manufacture of a medicament for use in the treatment of cancer.” Yet, it is believed the verbiage was revised at some point, noting more specific information, including THC and CBD ratios and the fact that the treatment is used against brain cancer.


Justin Gover, GW’s Executive Chief Officer, says that the company recently initiated its first wave of clinical trails to study glioma, a disease that accounts for nearly 50% of new brain cancer diagnoses in the United States each year. “The treatment of glioma is part of our exciting new orphan drug program which includes a number of therapeutic targets and demonstrates the flexibility of GW’s proprietary cannabinoid platform in treating a broad range of disease types.”

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It's all about who gives them thei most money.

Our governmental system has failed on almost All levels and functions..

I am glad I have a Lot of seed varieties in cold storage.

Soon they will start their Monsanto like lawsuits.

"Your plants have THC and CBD in them and we hold that patent.

Here's your lawsuit to cease and desist your cannabis growing.

Good luck nascent cannabis industry.

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