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Gen. Hydros (Organics) Go Box


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Hey there board, had a quick question on the General Organics GO Box.


What I'm wondering here is- Is this setup legitimately organic? Do these nutrients fall into the Organic growing guidelines? As a note, the Bases and Additives included in the GO Box are


BioThrive Grow (16oz)
BioThrive Bloom (16oz)
CaMg+ (8oz)
Bio Root (8oz)
Bio Weed (8oz)
Bio Bud (8oz)
Bio Marine (8oz)
Diamond Black (8oz)

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I don't see an OMRI stamp on there. Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen many bottled products with that stamp. or I just haven't really looked/noticed it before.


I'll take em' if ya aren't usin' em' Norb  :yahoo-wave:


Was also considering combining Iguana Juice (grow/Bloom) With the Mother Earth Super Tea stuff and seeing how that rides out. Any thoughts?

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Alright, well today I picked up an assortment to test out on my ladies. Figured I had some downtime  so I am going to do a bit of a side by side to educate myself a little bit.


What I did today was go out and pick up most of the suggestions here today.


I grabbed a GO Box.

Grabbed two different types of Neptunes Harvest (both 2-3-1 and 2-4-1 respectively) 

Grabbed Iguana Juice, again in both Grow and Bloom.

Grabbed Mother Earth Super Tea- again in the Grow/Bloom


Looking forward to see what happens with which gals in the end. 

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So I've been nailing down exactly how to use these new GO nutes, and thus far I'm seeing a lot of folk on other forums suggesting Feed-Feed-water schedules with these. Meaning that for the first two gallons (given every other day) of the week the dirt plants get: 

BioThrive Grow 

Bio Root 
Bio Weed 
Diamond Black 

I do have the Bio Marine, but have switched it out with the Neptunes Harvest (2-4-1)

They also get a compost worm tea every watering/feeding.


On the third watering of the week, I give them only the compost worm tea. I should make a note here that all of my dirt plants stick to this schedule and manage to not be overwatered. They're just thirsty girls I reckon. They are, after all, in size 7-9 pots respectively.


This is ONLY during the Veg stage, as I have yet to toss them into the flowering room yet.


No, I do NOT use RO water on my dirt plants.


The Iguana Juice/Mother Earth plants are also going their way, following a very similar feeding schedule.



Suggestions here anyone? Like I said, I'm just following what seems to be the general go to with the GO box.

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