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For Profit Probation ! Privately Owned !


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(New York) – Every year, US courts sentence several hundred thousand misdemeanor offenders to probation overseen by private companies that charge their fees directly to the probationers. Often, the poorest people wind up paying the most in fees over time, in what amounts to a discriminatory penalty. And when they can’t pay, companies can and do secure their arrest.




In the past few years, private firms in Georgia that profit from holding poor residents criminally responsible for failure to pay fines have faced rebuke after rebuke in court rulings and lawsuits. In one, Sentinel Offender Services held open an arrest warrant that had expired two years earlier. In another, a court found that the same notorious firm had illegally extended the probation sentences of potentially thousands of Georgians. And even when they’re not found in violation of the law, they are testing its limits by profiting on the backs of individuals too poor to pay probation fines for offenses as minor as traffic violations.




A blind man could see the end game here.



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The Republicans dreamed up a winner when they proposed the privatization of government. The idiots who inhabit this country lapped it up like a thirsty dog drinking radiator coolant. Now the full impact of what privatization means is hitting them like the poison that it is and who do they blame? Why the Democrats of course. Why? Because the Republicans told them to.


Republicans are hellish good salesmen, but their jobs are made exponentially easier by the level of ignorance that permeates their audience.

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