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Weed 3 Sanjay Gupta And Obahma

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He will recieve enough fringe benny's to acomidate legalization of mj!


Will he help his own people?


I wonder why black folks call them selves african americans , do they have dual citizenship?


Im white, but my family came from lebanon, germany, and isreal, does that make me a lebanese german jew?


Hell no Im american, and if you were born here you are american, if you came to america and got your american citizenship you are american, you are an american no matter what color, realigion or where ever you live in the U.S.A


if a mexican man and woman have a baby here that baby is american, and the only way to make it fair is to let the parents take the test to become american, we cant kick out the parents and let the baby stay or can we?


Any one who was born here is american, so I dont get the african american thing, wouldnt it be more correct to be just american, or a black or white or spanish american?


when I was born black folks were not allowed to vote, back in the late 60's when my parents to us to bars for dinner and I seen no colors on the door I actualy thought it ment no black americans allowed, when in reality it ment no m.c clubs were supposed to be in the bar/bowling alley/restuarant wearing there colors for their bike club!  That was in houghton lake, and the place im talking about was spooks bowling alley (i wonder if any one remembers prudenville that far back)  all of the store fronts on the first blinker light curve moved or just tore down all of there businesses and moved them back from the road, the idea was to try and get rid of the curve on m55, but it never happened, one side of the street is still the same and the other is way back off of the road!


I was 17 when 2 d's bar closed, I drank their last 1/5 of jack and got a drunk driving on the way home! aint that a complain?  that was back when they realy didnt write tickets but because I was such and arse I got the max!


we are all americans and we should not have to push a button on the phone to say if we want it in english or spanish, I had no need to take a different language class in school!


Now my kids school makes them take spanish! and I dont care if he fluncks it, shhh dont tell him though!



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