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Major Lazer Cartoon

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Somewhere far off in a dystopian future, Jamaica has become Earth’s most powerful nation—and an epicenter of oppression. From the White House (which has since relocated to the Caribbean), the grumpy, nefarious President Whitewall persecutes the Jamaican people and aims to curb all the good times. He’s aided by the metal-jawed General Rubbish, a right-hand man with what looks to be a vinyl-record-turned-buzz saw for a right hand. Meanwhile, Whitewall’s teenage daughter Penny just wants to cut loose and soak up the music and culture of the real Jamaica—its dancehalls, bars, and streets. She’s also secretly befriended Whitewall’s number one enemy: Major Lazer, a brawny, beret- and sunglasses-clad supersoldier whose right forearm has been replaced with a laser gun. Lazer, who has been portrayed by Terry Crews in live-action form, runs a strip club full of holograms, enjoys cannabis, and can surf on a bird if need be.


Airs on FXX.


Watch on Hulu


or itunes or amazon etc.


bootleg episode on youtube


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there is a long tradition of bands with animated tv shows or films.


the beatles, gorillaz, daft punk, dethklok (metalocalypse), andre 3000 (Class of 3000) etc.


Did you know the song Sugar, Sugar was done by the comicbook The Archies ?



watch out for the blue meanies!




the "bet you wish you never smoked this" song in the major lazer bad seed episode has some nice beats. hope diplo can populate each episode with as many songs...

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