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8-10 Week Sativa ?


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If there really is suck a thing?

I'm looking for a good producer, prefer cuttings but clones will work.

I'm a patient sans caregiver and would require a sign up for the transfer.  Will consider trade for a cut of my "mostly indica 12 week-fox-tailing monster", 

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C99 = 51-57. Days flower.

But watch out, if you get ther right Pheno..

She can be staggeringly potent and sometimes downright scary in her effects.

But usually she is just one of the best you will smoke.

Leaves you feeling happy ( think of a Smile glued to your face ) all day long.

No come down, you don't even notice not being medicated anymore.

Leaves you feeling great, not tired or down.

Hands down my favorite Sativa smoke.. Although she is actually 85-90% not a full true Sativa as she was crossed with Shiva during creation.

Some don't care for her but if you want a fast Sativa there is none better.


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I have a few packs of Sativa seeds.

Super Lemon

Blueberry Haze

Moby Dick


Acapulco Gold

Jacks Cleaner


Plus a few other crosses.


C99 is by far the best of that lot.

Others are a little stronger

Others have more diverse effects.

Cindy stands head and shoulders above them..

Way faster but small thin stems and a smaller yield.

She is just my favorite after smoking mostly Sativas for 30+ years.

She will never leave my seed stock..

I hear Green Crack is good but with a quick burnout..

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Chocolope is a good one.

Always seems to be above average yield and effects.

It all depends on really what you want?

You know that a Sativa can make you want to lose your mind or send you in a state of calm serenity.?

What r u looking to find?

Sativas are Not like Indicas., they are a much more diverse group of plants with far ranging effects..

What kind of Sativa r u looking for?

Some come with a paranoia that will cripple you if your not expecting it. Cindy can do that to you, if you get that Pheno.

Others are very relaxing and easy going. Think Lambsbread.

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