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Legalize, Tax Pot To Help State, Communities

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Currently, medical marijuana sellers in Michigan do not charge sales tax on their cannabis because drugs and food are exempt from the state's 6% sales tax.


In Michigan, another ballot proposal is coming from a Lansing-based group that is mostly Democrats but also has a few conservative Libertarians. The group said it believes its ballot proposal could raise more than $200 million in taxes for state tax coffers, said Jeff Hank, a lawyer who chairs the Michigan Comprehensive Cannabis Reform Initiative.


"As of right now, we'd designate 40% for the Michigan Department of Transportation, 40% to the state school-aid fund and 20% would go back to local governments," said Hank, 34, a Lansing defense attorney.



sounds great. the other legailzation group wants to do education and public safety funding.

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the other other group wants to send taxes right to the local gov but has no requirements for what boondoggles they can spend it on. parks? are you kidding me? the parks are overfunded right now, building multi million dollar waterparks and other nonsense while increasing the fee to even use the park. hello belle isle and metroparks, so expensive.

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Those who favor legalizing marijuana in Michigan have long considered their main opponent to be Attorney General Bill Schuette.


Schuette spoke out vigorously against legalizing medical marijuana before state voters passed Michigan's medical marijuana act in 2008. After that, the well-known conservative took a hard line against cannabis and its users, medical and otherwise.


And Schuette's staff attorneys supported efforts by Oak Park, Utica and other communities to keep marijuana proposals off their local ballots.


Yet, in a visit last week to the Free Press offices in Detroit, Schuette sounded unexpectedly mellow about the proliferation of proposals to make marijuana legal in Michigan.


"Let them get it on the ballot and let the voters decide — that's my perspective," he said with a smile.

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