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Michigan Purps


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heres a pic of what i got CAM00674.jpg

yea not sure how plushberry grows but i know it smells great. hopefully it gets purple or its out. going for bag appeal. lacking a purple in my garden been holding off for the conniseur genetics gdp s1's and its been forever since they restocked

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if it is plushberry, its the pink one, revegg it or clone it at once !  nice lady there!


My GDP's yields were off the hook!  The looks were awesome, the buds were fat. the effects were a disappointment, from three different gardens. I wanted to like them too.

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second pic looks (almost) exactly like what my Plushberry pheno looks like, only my buds are a bit bigger :yahoo-wave:


 I have some The Purps beans that were gifted to me last year that I'll be re-growing out here soon, first grow of them didn't go the way I wanted it to, so I'm re-starting with a pheno hunt. 

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If that is the purps that was around oakland county in the mid 90's - early 2000's, clone that thing 9000 times and forget the word plushberry. This was THE purps. Came out of white lake or highland if i'm not mistaken.

dude i hope it is that takes me back to memories in jr.high and highschool and for me it was either mexican brick $80/oz or the purps for $20/gram back then. also a piney strain goin around but not as prevalent. i had no clue back then and would get blazed n confused n just ponder how the hell this guy gets the grape n purple in there and the mexicans cant. lol


well whatever it is its in better hands now guy was having ex-gal troubles and said he got to the point where his whole gardens going in the bomb fire pit.

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yea i check listings all the time and usually its the same ole names and when this name popped up i was like oh snap never seen this.


but the first pic looks like sativa leaves because of leaf curl which made me believe it looked like thc farmers version but its not i blew it up on my girls comp.


so any ways anyone in the community kno whos labeling and putting this cut on the scene.

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