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Dea Chief Resigns

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While Leonhart is not putting out a statement on her resignation, DEA officials have circulated a statement from former DEA chief Peter Bensinger which said that the sexual misconduct allegations are not the reason for her departure.

"This is about her courage to enforce the law," Bensinger said in the statement. "It's about marijuana which is illegal in all 50 states under federal law, it's about our International Treaty obligations, it's about the Asset Forfeiture Law, and minimum sentencing for serious drug offenses. It’s about politics."

In an interview with HuffPost, Bensinger said he didn't discuss his statement with Leonhart, but said he believed the administration was using the sex parties scandal as an excuse to force her out.

"This was an incident that was used as a rallying point by the people who were opposed to her positions," Bensinger said. "You have an administration that has turned their back on federal law ... People in this government and the White House and other places don't like her taking the position that her oath of office requires."


We don't need anyone holding any government position of authority that does not aim to enforce the will of the people!  Out with the old, in with the new, oh boy, whats next??

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dea apologist thinks obama admin turned its back on fed law?


what about the dea turning its back on fed law by engaging in illegal prostitution, cartel bribery, human trafficking, gun trafficking etc etc etc ...


not to mention the dea turning its back on fed law by not prosecuting the people who illegally had sex with prostitutes, possibly underage ones from cartels.



just how many laws were violated? anyone got a count?



it wasnt a "sex party" it wasnt "sexual misconduct" it wasnt "dereliction of duty" it was engaging in an illegal prostitution sex bribe.


OH its ok when the dea does it? disgusting.


(although personally i'm fine if prostitution is legalized, regulated and made safe for all involved)

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Goodbye and good ridance............... Times are changing and if you can't change with it then you are just in the way................


I see the DEA like many other agencies like the police and secret service can still do whatever they want and no trouble for them while the rest of us can just get locked away like animals................... How nice.......................


Tell me again how straight and narrow these people are?

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