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Why I Have Given Up On Medical Marijuana

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Going on five years now I have been persecuted by Oakland County. I can't use Medical Marijuana, I can't leave the state. I used to go to Ohio annually to fish for Walleye. I can no longer do that. 


My grandchildren find a bad guy when Googling my name.


This is worse than embarrassing. Sometimes I just break down and cry. I no longer leave the house due to the utter depression that that stalks me. I am embarrassed to visit my children and grandchildren. I feel I brought this upon myself for not waiting a year or so to verify that the law was effective. Had I done this I would never have applied. As the saying goes, you can't beat city hall.


Over the past five years I have had open heart surgery, a very serious pulmonary embolism, and have breathing problems that have left me weak as a baby.


My boat sits unused, my fishing equipment gathers dust. My hopes of taking my grandchildren fishing smashed. I sit writing this wheezing so bad I have to take breaks from the typing.


If the county were to drop the charges tomorrow, I would just drift off into obscurity. I no longer have the strength. I wish I had never heard of Medical Marijuana!

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So why have you given up on Medical Marijuana?


What is your opinion of Decriminalization now?


Them grand babies are more important than anything you got yourself into.


Nut up, show the family you are not a quitter,


They been rocking the walleye in Saginaw bay...go for it. Take the kids. You' ll go from zero to hero in a day!


life is to short make the best of it

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I am sixty five years old now. I got out of the hospital yesterday after an eight day stay that did nothing for my health,


My wife had to sleep in another room because of the noise I made just breathing.


All I consumed today were a plethora of pills with a few sips of water. I ate nothing because I was unable to make it down the stairs.


Does this sound like a hero? more like a loser...


Marijuana helped me, of that I have no doubt. Oakland County took that away from me and I am now so sick all I have is despair. 

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Joel i am sorry Oakland County is going this to you hang in there and thank you for standing up for us all  I still remember the first time we met  at the MOCC meeting and i was over your house it was at that time we where  also in Court asking everyone for support as you know i was stressed out to the Max. Today i can think back on what things i could have done to make it better for people like us and you and i am doing it. i go places and tell others our story and stories like yours that helps me deal with my PTSD i got from the Oakland County Court sytem


Your health is all you have it's not worth it fighting the good fight ant easy and standing up because someone has done nothing wrong is even harder 


What is it that Oakland County say's you did ?


What is it that you say you didn't do ? 


Peace from the front



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Thank you 


I do know his story i've talked too Joel many times i just wanted him to tell his side sometimes it helps just talking to others but thanks any ways  T -pain 


Joel if theirs anything i can do you have my phone # call me anytime day or night am sorry to say i have heard stories and told some that will blow you away and make yours sound like nothing 

It's no fun being as some may say the 1% 

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Please get yourself into some mental health treatment. You have been hit hard and that takes a heavy toll. There are options that can lend you more calm. 

But he did say he can not use Cannabis because of the Court , Judge i did talk to him on the phone and told him to Straiten up and fly right it's not worth getting sick over but he does feel like he is not guilty and many feel the same he is learning the system isn't working very well for p/g in Oakland County 

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I am sorry you feel so bad. One thing I can suggest for your circulation is to drink a cup of pomegranate juice a day. You can google pomegranate/plaque for the science. A friend ofmine who was severely compromised had the plaque in her carotid reduced by 40% in 8 months. A test of men in your age group showed an average reduction of 34% in one year. This is real science. I also think you should get some mental health treatment. it might help a lot. Best l of luck to you. Oh yeah I buy the juice at Costco.

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