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Motorbike Transport?

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So here's a question for the board- I'm a motorcycle rider and love to ride my bike all over hells half acre, but I have come to the transportation laws and am in wonder- Am I legally allowed to place my medication in the saddlebags attached to the back of my bike for transportation when I'm going places? Do those saddlebags count as the "trunk" effectively of my motorcycle? I'd have to point out that there is no way to access said saddlebags while riding, and takes effort to unlatch/unlock them once dismounted and idle.


Note: No, I have not been questioned, stopped, etc, I'm just wondering if this practice is MMMP compliant/legal in the event of said stop actually occurring. 

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Nope, never been pulled ever even once. Never been in an accident either. Crossing my fingers here that neither happens anytime soon, but hey, it's life and it's all a gamble, ya live, you experience, you die and you repeat if you're lucky enough is how I view the grand scheme..


Will make sure to put it in a locked container in my locked case, within my locked saddlebag even!

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I used to transport in Mason jars, then one day I was out of jars so I used my zip-loc sealer. (Not vacuumed - just heat sealed).


Somewhat ironically, later that day my patient was stopped by LEO for a traffic violation. The LEO asked her if she had any drugs or guns. She was up-front and said she had her legal meds in the trunk. She provided her card and opened the trunk. The LEO told her that she was supposed to have the meds in a case (which she didn't) and that he could write a ticket for illegal transport, but he also said that because the meds were heat-sealed, it was obvious she wasn't using them while driving so there was no point in ticketing her.


I don't believe that the transport law applies to patients or caregivers. And I'm not one to think we all should be LEOs trick pony and jump through a flaming hoop, ring a bell, and honk a horn like a circus seal. So if you want to make a statement and be a test case, carry your meds within reach. But if you want to avoid trouble then keep meds locked-up, out of reach, and in tamper proof packaging until you get home.

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I do not think it is enforceable(although I am sure they will still try).


I tell people to be safe instead of sorry, but they can stick their transport law up their assses as far as I care.  I knew it was unenforceable(The MMMAct overrides it) when it passed, heck before it passed,  but I see many people have unfortunately been caught in its web. 


 The legislature and MSp and PAAM KNOW it is unenforceable, yet they still just go on their merry way threatening people and lobbying the legislature to re-pass the transport law, except this time they want to amend the Act to do it.


 Vigilance and Opposition must be maintained.

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I've always delivered in smell proof/vac sealed/heat sealed mylar window bags. The MI law is printed on the black side, with a white are to write in info. I never considered this proper transportation, but a smell proof way to travel and stay under the radar if pulled over.

If everyone, EsPECIALLY  those with burnt out tail lights, on probation, expired plates, warrants, and no insurance, would just put it in the trunk aready....DUH!!!!!!!

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See, I've never understood why someone wouldn't just take care of those things (brake lights, plates, insurance, etc). Such little things.


In the event of being on probation or having a warrant, these folk could likely benefit to consider making some changes to their day to day lives, in my opinion. Getting in more trouble for "wheelin' n' dealin'." while already on probation isn't really what I'd consider a productive lifestyle choice for example.


I never vac seal my meds, not a fan of the whole brick thing. But for smell I have used glass mason jars, and these fun little things called "Stink Sacks"- I use the child resistant ones myself.

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I don't vac down to a full suck of course, it smashes the trichomes and delicate flowers. But I do start the vac process and hit seal when the bag moves. I want a good tight bubble of air to cushion the ride, just like you.



I'm told cops pull over ten cars with visible "issues", and get seven with contraband.


cops getting smart right here....




How do we know which car has pot in the front seat?

only people with valid plates/insurance and working equip need to carry in the trunk.


Plant counts;


Cops got smart and realized a lot of growers think

if you grow over 72 plants there is no need to control odors right.


Five patient rule;


they know the sixth patient is always found on craigslist, so they advertise there.


you'd think by know, with this newly discovered information, that these poor growers and patients could outsmart them. :P

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Y'know, I've never used CL for finding my patients, has anyone here honestly? I'm legitimately intrigued as to how it went.


Suppose it's just good to be that 200% positive to be in the right.


I feel that the best addition I have to my motorcycle, isn't even part of the motorcycle itself- It's a camera that attaches to my helmet. I find that a camera often deters many would be silly police stops. Wonder why they don't like being recorded so much?

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