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Need A Suggestion On Electirtian In The Eastpointe Area


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finally got around to signing up on here, and I've just put together my new grow area.  Sealed 5x10 tent with 2 600w lights, co2, and other goodies.


My problem now, my house has HORRIBLE wiring...  Breakers tripped even before growing was a thought, now we have 3 600w lights, and a 1k.  I'm only able to run my 2 600's at 75%, and had to change the 1k out for a 600, thats still pushing things...


What I need is a compitent electritinan to come in, and tell me what is needed to safely support all of the grow equipment.  I'll be adding more light, chillers, fans, pumps, etc so I've got to do something soon. 

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