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In The Ground Or In Pots?


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Getting ready for outdoors!

Now, plant in pots or in the ground? So far have not used pots, but had a guy tell me to use pots.....opinions? And why?

He probably recommended pots because of late season rain. Nothing bigger or better than in the ground, but I wouldn't do it without a hoop house or something to cover. I'd hate to see an outdoor yield go to waste because of a big rain in the last weeks.


With that said, don't plant too many...they get big outdoors and potentially illegal with weight limits.

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Ditto on the fabric pots. If they find themselves getting too root-bound, they will push their roots right through said fabric and into the surrounding soil.  plants in pots planted into the ground may finish faster, though im not really sure on this to be honest.


Make really, really sure to keep her dry while she's flowering. It's easy to develop Budrot problems with Michigan weather the way it is.  

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put it in the ground!


just be sure to dig out a bunch of crap and backfill with good worm castings...


or hey, try 4 plants in the ground and 4 plants in pots, see which does better for you. experiment!

I hear T-pain, it depends on the soil, i have pure sand, in that wont do much, if i back filled with good soil that would work ok around here... pots would localize your back fill and keep it contained..but hey try both and see whats best for you.. good luck

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Thanks for your replies. We have always planted in the ground with great results.....not sure why this guy told me to use pots and coco. His plants are awesome in pots.... But so are ours.

Happy growing everyone! Stay legal.


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or hey, try 4 plants in the ground and 4 plants in pots, see which does better for you. experiment!

last year i ran blue dream both ways:  in ground after i roto-tilled the turf with a home depot rented tiller, and I just planted in the loose loam.  I also planted in 20 and 30 gallon pots of used pro-mix, the one with extra perlite.  Got up to 5 pounds on the ones in ground in 8 x 8 plots.  Up to 1 pound in pots.  If you want volume, do in ground, or 200 gallon pots, like in California.

The reason some people say pots is cause they think you cannot flush in ground.  You can, it just takes more water cause soil acts as a buffer.

If your piece of ground grows grass welll, the kind you have tgo mow, or a goood crop of noxious weeds replacing the soil isn't necessary.  Just plant direct.

This year for stealth i used pots of used pro mix with the esxtra perlite, and let the rain water them, as I always do.  I only use a hose, for extra water, when flushing.

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2015 outdoors report:

In the outdoor grow that i have regular access to, I pulled everything out of pots and put in-ground this week.  I had intended to run the comparison of pots vs in-ground to the harvest, but due to 90% of the in-ground plants racing ahead after just a short time (May 10-June 22), I have eliminated pots.  

For the second year, blue dream is the fastest outdoor veg.   Much faster than the other strains in that garden:   afghan kush, blueberry from ca, deathstar, free leonard 2, g13 greenthumb, iranian auto greeenthumb, platinum cookies, skywalker.

In fact, the larger afghan kush (18" tall when the blue dream clones were planted--at one-third the size), has been caught and surpassed by one blue dream. 

Grasshoppers drilled all the leaves until last week, when a mixture I brewed of (Organicide and Pure Spray Green) proved effective at protecting the plants.  Took 5 attempts with diff sprays, I couldn't find anything that warded off the hoppers. This week, trying cigs soaked in water.

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