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System To Access Medical Marijuana Is Too Onerous


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Congratulations to our Legislature for recognizing the need for safe, legal access to prescribed ancient medicine, and auwe for creating such a restrictive, expensive, onerous and discriminatory system that makes the medicine less accessible to the most needy.

Dispensary owners must be able to deposit $1.2 million and pay $5,000 per application (nonrefundable) and $75,000 per approved application annually. Each patient, restricted to only one at a limited time, can only touch the product after the sale. And no free samples.

The worst discrimination is toward the poor and disabled who are lucky enough to get free medicine through the current system of caregiver supply, which the new system eliminates with no discounts for the indigent. Where's the access?

We have a start but now the work begins to make a truly accessible distribution system for our islands. Please contact your legislator to begin the process to make this nontoxic, well-proved medicine widely available again the way nature intended. Other states have done so successfully, so cannabis we.




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And that is why I started the other thread.


People cannot figuratively explain to me that commercial interests are not harming caregivers, getting rid of caregivers and lying about growers and lying about the dangers of marijuana to the point that parents are freaked out marijuana is harming their child.


I see what is happening across the country and inform others what is happening.  It isn't pretty and big money, from the marijuana community, is going after Cg's, patients and home growing.


You can try to justify it all ya want, but that doesn't remove the fact that patients and caregivers and growers have to defend themselves from such interests.  As I said, we didn't start this fight, but we are being attacked for who we are and what we do.

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I wish I had the best answer for you Bob.


I just try to save and protect the best I can.


 Sometimes you step on peoples toes doing it(ahem, Norby).


The actual offense of the Commercial interests is real,.. my verbal lashings are merely silent words flowing through the air. 


 Hopefully some listen and open their eyes to it.

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It didn't used to be. Commercial interests just lobbied and changed the law to completely cut out caregivers.


The one good thing they did was allow for reciprocity. in 2018, out of state patients can register in Hawaii to buy from dispensaries. I consider that a good thing.

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do you want legal accepted dispensaries in our cities?

do you believe we need them?

Do you believe dispensaries are illegal today?

do you try to convince patients to visit their cg instead of the local dispensary?


curious is all

no argument here either ways



 I have no problems with the concept of dispensaries.


 I believe a small percentage of patients would benefit from having access to a dispensary.  It is a serious minority in the program, but still accounts for thousands of patients.


I believe the methods being used by dispensaries is currently not legal in Michigan.


I of course encourage patients who are unable to grow  to get a good CG and have done what I could to make that happen for  the vast majority of the patients in my area(and others).

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