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Town Hall Discussion About Legalizing Marijuana

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Great Idea.    Thank You, to all the participants.  We desperately need more of this, particularly on the west side of the state.


Would like to also offer a shout out to Rep Jeff Irwin for demonstrating exemplary leadership.  


Keep up the Good work. 


Rep. Jeff Irwin


Jeff Irwin is serving his third term as state representative for the 53rd District, which includes parts of the city of Ann Arbor and portions of Ann Arbor, Pittsfield and Scio townships. Rep. Irwin continues to focus on leading Michigan’s economic recovery and creating jobs. Irwin has been working on legislation that would address the legalization of marijuana. He sits on the House Appropriations and Elections Committees.

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The take away from the town hall is prudence dictates we watch colo and wash for a few years to make sure there is water in the pool before we dive in to legalization. Do we need to reinvent the wheel or can we learn from others costly mistakes and avoid the pitfalls of rushing into over regulation.


The MCC proposal is Horrible for Michigan.


Thank You to the rest of the panel. We need more collaborative discussions like this. There we some good points presented by all the guests.....except the MCC

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