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Teachers Denying Restroom Breaks

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has your school denied your child a restroom break?


why is this still happening in 2015? pass this story around to your friends and family and ask your children if this happens to them. check the school policy and handbook / rules about restroom breaks.


dont let your children be treated worse than prisoners!




















in the uk too, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2794445/parents-fury-children-banned-going-toilet-lessons-unless-sick-note-doctor.html




and on and on and on........

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2nd grade one student in my class was not allowed and peed his pants.

That incident followed him all the way through high school. 

The teacher was just a cruel person but kids are worse unfortunately.

I can still see the puddle of urine under his desk and the horror on his

face as the teacher berated him.  This is back when each classroom

had it's own bathroom and all a student need do was raise their hand

and the teacher nod them the okay... no disruption to the class...

til that day.

Totally unacceptable in my opinion.

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I made friends with Jonny P in second grade of a catholic school. He was smart, carried a briefcase and stayed out of trouble. His parents were well dressed, I guessed they were desk jockeys. Jonny had a medical problem causing him sudden urges to poop. All of the teachers knew, and I'm sure many students too. There was an accident along the way somewhere that kept it fresh on the couple bullies minds.


We had this one evil nun, man hater, kid abuser in 4th grade. she was a horrible person who acted horribly towards many boys. Relevant to this thread, Jonny had raised his hands as we were all taught to do, and the nun ignored him. The students fussed of course, and some like me squeaked hints to her. she told him to put his hands down and wait for the bell, in 13 minutes.   this was unacceptable to all of us and we protested, mostly as an excuse to yell at this woman. Jonny turned red in the face, cried and pooped his pants.


The nun dragged him to the front of the class while the bullies had their fair share of fodder, pulled down his pants, and spanked his dirty but with a wooden paddle in front of us all. It was the grossest thing I ever saw, and I know the whole class cant wash their eyes either. I was expelled for wrapping my sweater around him and pulling him away and down the hall to the bathroom. His parents came with clothes, I explained to the sister sup all of the details, and she called my mom and expelled me for the remainder of that week and the following one too for insubordination. I believe Jonny could be a serial killer of nuns, with details even. I would at least understand where he was coming from.


Peace to Jonny, and peace to that nun. I hope both healed early.

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Wow grass... the kid in my class is named John P also and he too was dam smart.

The coke bottle glasses made him a target originally, the pp incident only heightened

the bullying. I liked him, even back then I was a champion for the underdog.

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