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Turning On The Immortality Gene

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Very recently, remedies have been developed that could possibly alleviate, abolish, or reverse this “up to now” inevitable fate by activating an enzyme called telomerase, which may help maintain telomere length. One such remedy, a nutraceutical called TA-65, is already commercially available and several people have already signed up to benefit from its potential to extend health span and life span. Unfortunately, this remedy also carries with it a potential for promoting cancer. And so, we are brought back to the age-old question, “Do you give a risky cure to a dying person, or do you simply let the person die because the cure is too risky?” Every one of us is suffering from this disease, but most of us are in only the very early stages and have the luxury not to make this choice so hurriedly. However, many of the people in the later stages of aging feel that they don’t have this luxury and choosing to take TA-65 may be what they feel to be their only recourse to “saving” their lives. Should these people be deprived? Should they be allowed to intentionally increase their risk of cancer to potentially enhance and prolong their health span and life span? We should let people who are concerned about their age-related deterioration, whether or not in the later stages of aging, decide for themselves. more @ http://www.lifeextension.com/Magazine/2009/8/Turning-on-Immortality-The-Debate-Over-Telomerase-Activation/Page-01

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If all we wanted was to achieve Turritopsis-style immortality, then perhaps we have already done it. One of the most famous cancer cell lines that is used in biomedical research is the HeLa cell line, derived from Henrietta Lacks, who died over 60 years ago. Meanwhile, the culprits of her death, her cervical cancer cells, are still proliferating in laboratories around the world. In a way, her cells can live forever even if she herself did not. http://berkeleysciencereview.com/article/chasing-immortality/

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