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Green Tongue? Black Lips? Burns Around The Mouth? Reefer Madness!

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anyone have other examples of people believing their own kool-aid?



CONCORD, N.H. —A police officer who stopped a driver for a defective taillight acted unlawfully when he asked to see the man's tongue, then used its green hue as the basis for a marijuana arrest, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

The court reversed the drug convictions of the man, Hillman Blesdell-Moore, saying the Enfield officer who stopped the 18-year-old in 2011 had no basis to ask to see his tongue or continue questioning him about whether a drug-sniffing dog might detect drugs in his pickup truck.



washington state prosecutors assoc teaches this to police:




Washington State

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor


What Are We Looking For?

Physical Indicators of Use

Dilated Pupils

Green Tongue

Reddened Conjunctiva



Officer Carrick Cook, a state Department of Public Safety spokesman, is trained in recognizing signs of drug-related impairment. With marijuana, he said, employers should look for bloodshot or watery eyes, shakiness, burn marks around the mouth from smoking and poor coordination.

from addiction websites:

"Burn marks on the lips from the bong or “ roach”."

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compiled by the us government, fbi




N. A. Wade

California Department of Justice

Sacramento, California


Most of the

subjects were stopped for erratic driving; only about

10% were actually involved in vehicle accidents.

Twenty-three percent had a green tongue, 45% had

dilated pupils.

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What are you suggesting... that we all drive around with lime slurpees for a cover?

i'm suggesting that you eat some marijuana and look in a mirror and see it does not change your tongue color, much like eating a salad wont change your tongue color.


i think "green tongue" might be police code for "i told him he had a green tongue and the dumb pothead fell for it, then admitted he had marijuana so i could search him".

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Kinda like trying to down a pretzel with out water.  I learn from experience too :)


I don't like the feel of green buds on my tongue... feels like cat tongue lol.


If eaten in copious amounts, would we risk a green tongue?

I eat boat loads of fresh greens and never have a green tongue.

Only time green tongue happens is if I ingest some fake green flavoring.


I think t-pain has it though... just cop code to try to trap people.


Don't fall for it people!

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this still happens today.


heres a story out of utah:



Salt Lake City defense attorney John Quinn discovered recently that police in certain jurisdictions are asking drivers they pull over to show them their tongues. If the tongues have a green tint, the officers use that as probable cause to search their cars on the premise that smoking marijuana turns tongues green.


While representing a client on a possession-of-marijuana charge in Juab County's justice court recently, Quinn noticed in the arrest report that the officer had inspected inside the mouths of the suspects and alleged that "green tint covered their tongues." Quinn asked the prosecutor if he considered that a sign of marijuana use. The prosecutor said yes.


Quinn later discussed the matter with a friend who works in a prosecutor's office in Utah County. The friend confirmed that police officers there consider a green tongue to be evidence of smoking weed.

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That has to be the oddest one I've ever seen. I looked it up and it's the official line from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration too.


Although they also say "Marijuana is a green or gray mixture of dried shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant".


Maybe they have it confused with an entirely different substance. I've never seen green tongue or grey marijuana.



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