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One Man’S Desperate Quest To Cure His Son’S Epilepsy

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making whoopee long article.



"The total bill for getting GW’s CBD into the US was roughly $120,000, not including travel. "


so if you have enough money , connections and influence, you too can get a schedule 1 drug treatment. if you dont have $120k , flower you and die.


The agents from the DEA appeared without an appointment at Cilio’s UCSF office door on March 1, 2013.


The questioning, which went on for two hours, got particularly tense when the agents asked Cilio how she planned to dispense the special drug. “I said that I would keep it here in my office and then put it in my purse and walk across the street to the clinic to see my patient. And they said, ‘You have no idea what you are talking about. This is a Schedule I drug. It’s like heroin. You can’t cross the street with it in your bag. You have to keep it in your office, and you have to give it to the patient in your office.’”

a drug that these parents were buying from people's backyards and basements now required a super-duper safe so that its super heroin-like powers could be kept under control. if the dr had it in her purse , it could escape and turn everyone retarded for a 3 mile radius.

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