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Buyer Beware On Foxfarm Soil This Batch


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In the past there have been problems with Fox Farm soils containing bugs- and not friendly ones either, ranging from fungus gnats to mites to other nasty critters. 


Well, this time around from my bag I got just the other day (7/2/15) contained just those- Fungus gnats and mites of some variety both. I have managed to control this outbreak in its very early stages because of my over-paranoid nature about checking my plants from top to bottom every couple of hours, I believe that mannerism has saved me some future growers heartache- but I shall remain vigilant.


None the less, I wanted to drop in to let people on the board know that Fox Farms most recently shipped batch was obviously not done right in some way shape or form and to consider purchasing a separate soil if you do indeed purchase bags o' dirt at some point. This warning applies to both the Ocean Forest and the Happy Frog, as I have noticed both critters in both bags of soil.


I can with utmost certainty guarantee that no such critters were present in my growing area prior to the introduction of these two new bags.

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I thought that also but I visit that same shop and others frequently and have never brought

such critters home since. 

I do take precautions now, change my clothing and wash up after shopping and prior to

visiting plants.  This doesn't happen always though and I've not had such an issue.


I have had a few gnats and mites of course and I know they come from the grow store

but never anything like that FF disaster.  I don't care if all I heard is how it's the best of

the best and people raved on about it... once bit twice shy and there is other comparable products.

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I use HF and pro mix for years with no sign of soil life when new so far . Any growers have mites and NEVER brought home a stranger(person or plant)?

I have had a bag of pro mix sitting in my basement waiting to get started again, I am going to throw it away and start anew, I had mites and it is the main reason I shut down, but now we are putting our home up for sale so im not going to be growing untill we move and that could take a long time, we need to sell before we can move sooooo!


Im glad I at least have my c.g, I have been looking for a new one, not because he is not a great grower but I beleive we just ran our pt/c.g relationship about as far as need be, I would recomend him to any one who dont mind an ego maniac lol, other than that he is very good, I ran out of mm for the 1st time in 5 yrs this past spring, so im not leaving him because he didnt treat me well, we are just having personality clashes and he is going thru marital problems and we realy are not friends and only associates and I dont need his personal life spilled over into our pt/c.g life,,,,,,,,When I call him and he isnt home, his wife dont tell me to come over any how, so I realy dont want him bringing her here when we do biz, she will actualy come with him into my mudroom and he will say we cant stay and they leave within seconds of dropping off my meds, this never used to be the case, my lady dont get involved in my biz and his never did either, if she was telling me when he isnt home that I could stop by any how than I would look at things diff, and if she came and me and c.g visited and she stayed up stairs with my lady it would be diff also, I know she is sticking to him like glue because he is a whore dog and she dont trust him, and she is right, but I dont want anything to do with their drama, had my own and dont need any one else's


oh woe is me lol!



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that's a good decision man. I'd throw away any loose grow stuff I had laying around too. wash buckets, trays, and all equipment used or stored with mites.

This time around......don't bring in clones, cuttings, or live plants of any kind for your best move to avoid the borg. bleach is your friend. I use bleach directly on cuts used in tissue culture before they're cultured along with iso. Nothing lives on except the dna. I bleach/rinse my new seeds too with a 3% bleach/water mix for a spore free birth. My garden floor is bleach mopped weekly. bleach will kill most every insect it comes into contact with. when you find one it doesn't kill, eat it!

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