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Monday, Lansing, Medical Marihuana Review Panel Meeting On Autism, High Times Coverage

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We got some good coverage in High Times on the upcoming panel meeting in Lansing, when the vote will be held regarding adding autism to the list of conditions which may be treated with medical marijuana. Barring unforeseen circumstances, a vote will be taken and forwarded to the director of the department for the "final determination" on the petition.






A new, thoroughly researched petition to add autism to the list of qualifying conditions has been submitted by Lisa Smith, also the mother of an autistic child. On May 27, this petition was accompanied by over 75 peer-reviewed articles with over 800 pages of research on the issue of cannabis as a viable option for the treatment of autism. Personal testimony in support of the petition was provided by 19 families, as well as physicians from Michigan and around the country.   

The testimonies from families that were submitted to the panel were compelling and heart wrenching. Lisa Smith stated: “I’ve been at the end of my rope trying to help Noah and everything failed him. Everything except cannabis … He was biting himself, pulling his hair, he would ram his head, that’s all stopped.”

This sentiment was echoed by family after family at the hearing.  



Despite what can only be described as overwhelming evidence, LARA, the agency tasked with addressing petitions for new conditions, refused to hold a hearing or even consider the petition. This stonewall position forced attorneys Michael Komorn and Tim Knowlton, the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association and Cannabis Patients United to sue LARA in the Ingham County Court. It was only after nearly a year of litigation and foot-dragging that LARA ceded its position. Attorney General Bill Schuette's office "defended" LARA's position by delaying the case for months, only yielding after the petitioner filed her brief with the court, days before oral arguments. Unfortunately it seems the lives of children and parents hang in the balance of a possibly disinterested and dysfunctional process controlled by LARA.

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