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Has Weed Gotten More Potent? 1885 Newspaper Says No.

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i love these old newspaper articles. go a diggin and you will find a wealth of knowledge.


heres a gem from 1885:



Narcotic Plants.

In VicK's Floral Magazine we read

of a flower which creates laugh'ter. It

grows in Aiabia ; the llowers are of a

bright yellow and the seed resembles

small black beans. These are dried

by the natives and pulverized , and it

is said that suiall doses make a person

behave like a circus clown or a mad

man , for he will dance , singand laugh

most boisterously , and carry on in a

ridiculous way for about an hour. The

stage of excitement is followed by ex

haustion and sleep.


This reminds us ot an experiment

we made many year's ago. Wo had

seen Prof. James R. Buchanan ex

perimenting with pulverized herbs by

placing them in the palms of the

hands of a class of medical students.


While they sat in a sort of expectant

mood , waiting for something to turn

up and holding various" powdered

herbs in closed fists , every now and ;

then some one of them would tell of

the symptoms which were being pro- '

duced upon him. It was to us then a

new and surprising revelationthat'

medicine could thus act without being ,

taken into the stomach , and wo are

not yet fully satisfied as to the way

they do act under such circumstances.

But having seen Prof. Buchanan's ex-

experiments we were led to try it our

selves on a couple of boys about sev

enteen years of age. Powdered Can-

nabis Indica from the same plant

which gives hasheesh , a narcotic used

by the natives of India , was placed in

one hand of each of the boys , while

they sat quietly waiting to see what'

would turn up. One of them soon com

menced to titter and then to laugh

boisterously , and soon he became so

hilarious with excitement that we

thought best to take tho drug away

from him. Ho soon sobered down ,

During the period of excitement we

tried to get him to say why he was

carrying on in such a way , but he was

utterly unable to give any explanation

for it other than he felt that way.


The other boy quietly nodded off to

sleep in his chair.


This experiment illustrates two im-

portant things ; first , that medicine

can exert an action in this curious

manner , andsecjond , that a medicine

will act differently on different per

sons , according to temperament or

indiosyncracy , or susceptibility , what

ever you choose to call it. Further

more , it may be remarked that both


the exhilera'tmg and the stupifymg re

sults observed in these cases are


known to bo the effects of hashees ,

upon the human system when taken'


The description of the "laughing

plant" given by Vick does not corre

spond with the botanical description n

of the Cannabis Indica plant , though

there are some similarities , but in ef

fects they are evidently quite alike.

i figure if you can grind up some cannabis and put it in your hand and it knocks you asleep, then thats as strong (maybe stronger!) than the stuff we have today.

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Yeah, also the fact that "in small doses it makes a person behave like a circus clown or a mad man , for he will dance , sing and laugh most boisterously , and carry on in a ridiculous way for about an hour. "


Me wants some of that!

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1888, the tale of a pharmacist who drank from the wrong bottle. ended up with couch lock and got high as a kite.


marijuana hasnt changed in 130 years, stop the moo poo.






remarkable experience of a drug clerk who

blundered in taking medicine.

manchester union.


But a few miles from this city

lives a man who was once as fine a drug

clerk as there was in the city of boston.

but that was some time ago,

and no doubt he is forgotten by the

fraternity in that city. his name is

rolphie r sanford, and he is at present

residing with his widowed mother,

who owns a fine residence not far

from manchester. sanford is some

over 40 years of age, and is a complete

wreck. his hair is white as snow, and

his left side has been paralyzed from the

crown of his head to his feet. besides this

while mixing chemicals at the last place

in boston where he worked, an unforseen

combination ensued, and an explosion was

the result. this explosion proved most

disasterous to sanford. he got the bulk

of the flying liquid in his face, and his nose

was fairly eaten off. he was ill for a long

time, and during his sickness his whole left

side was paralyzed as stated above. for a

number of years he has resided with his mother.


within the last three years he has partially

recovered the use of his afflicted side and

in the summer time manages to get around and

do a little garden work, the sanford place

being noted for the quality of the vegetables

raised and the beauty of the floral plants.


sanford is a most interesting conversationalist,

and is full of stories regarding the life of a

drug clerk, in whose existence there are many

times crowded incidents alike ludicrous, serious

and full of the terrible. his experience with hashish

is worth reproducing. hashish is the foundation of

the same wonderful extract that figures in monte cristo.


the name by which it goes among druggists is

"extractum cannabis indica", or extract of indian

hemp. the liquid preparation resembles ink in

appearance - a dark green ink. its fragrance is of a

narcotic odor, and in taste it is slightly warm,

bitterish and acid. in hindostan, persia and other

parts of the east, hemp has habitually been employed

as an intoxicanting agent. the parts used are the tops

of the plant and a resinous product obtained from it.


the plant is cut after flowering and formed into bundles

from two to four feet long by three inches

in diameter, which are sold in the bazaars by the

name of gunjah. the resin obtained is formed into

balls by the natives, and is smoked like tobacco,

with which it is said to be frequently mixed.

an infusion or decotion of the drink is sometimes

used as an exhilarating drink.


a represantive of the union saw sanford some time

ago, and as it was just after dinner, and he had

partaken of his meal with unusual relish, he was

just in the mood for talking.


"why, my boy", said he, "drug clerks of course

have secrets. you want me to tell you a little

story eh? if i should tell you some of the secrets,

of course they would be secrets no longer, but i'll

tell you a little of my experience with hashish. its

a stuff that no one wants to meddle with with impunity,

allow me to assure you. if i had not been careless

i would not now be able to tell you my experience with



it was some 8 or 10 years ago when i was at work with a prominent druggist in boston. for some little time i had been suffering with dyspepsia, and the ailment bothered me so that life became unbearable. i at last mixed up a decoction that gave me great relief. i was to take it before meals and placed the bottle on a shelf behind the prescription counter among other bottles which are usually found in that place. one noon i went to take my medicine. i took down what i thought to be the right bottle, and discarding the use of a spoon, i placed the orifice to my mouth and took a large swallow, HORRORS! the taste told me that i had made a mistake! i looked at the bottle and -- well my friend, i had taken a large dose of indian cannabis, or otherwise: hashish. i knew what the results would be, i staggered back to the rear part of the store. how queer i felt. how light i was growing. up, up, up i went until my head bobbed against the ceiling. i was like a cork floating on disturbed water. i glided along and could look down and see the huge bottles, each one with a hideous face laughing at me. the stool on the marble floors seemed to want to keep me company and their click, click, on the marble floor sounded like thunder in my ears.


suddenly i was plunged into inky blackness. from the black nothingness flashed out bright balls of light. i reached the sofa and sank down upon it. my toungue seemed to swell and i tried in vain to scream, but no sound issued. i seemed to know that there was a long, long hour before my fellow clerk would be back from his dinner, and then he might not come into the rear room and discover my condition. the events of days and weeks came before my mind in all the details and i saw faces-- beautiful faces -- angelic in their divinity, which seemed to beckon to me and then vanish with a hideous laugh. all normal conditions and relations seemed to be presented. again i was tossed ot the ceiling and then thrown by some invisible force from one side of the room to the other. i felt no concussion, but bounced about like a huge foot ball. then i fell back into dreamy contemplation and years seemed to pass by. fantastic pictures were worked, my limbs felt weighted with lead, just the opposite to my experience of what seemed to me years ago. i heard somebody say, why rolphie, old fellow, whats the matter? rolphie! rolphie! the words reverberated like thunder. my shopmate had returned. again he tried to shake me to myself, and i never hated a man so cordially as i hated him at that moment. he got a doctor, and i tell you, my friend, they had no easy time to bring me to myself. every word they uttered surged into my brain and seemed to jar me to pieces. that was a preculiarity to the stuff. i suffered from that experience long afterwards, and it appears even at this day, when i think it over that i have that feeling coming on, so powerful was the impression made on me at that time.

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more evidence that concentrated cannabis has been a thing for at least 120+ years.




moslems can't drink wines.


moslems are forbidden to drink wines or

spirits. but in Tunis they contrive to reach

the same ends by smoking preparations of

hemp flowers. the milder is called kif, and,

if used in moderation, has no more effect

than wine; but the concentrated essence known

as chira produces intoxication as quickly as

raw spirits and leads to delirium tremens.

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i find these articles interesting. looking for reported effects from cannabis from 100+ years ago.







Efc I'roducos Vivid Dreams, Sometimes

Causes Terrible* Suffering and Is Always

Dangerous—Illicitly Sold In tho ISazsmr.?

Of Constantinople.

A traveler returned from an extensive

gijouru in Turkey has this to saj" of tlio

famous drug:

Among my purchases at the drugs

bazaar at Constantinople was hasheesh.

It is strictly illegal to buy or sell this,

and the vender mado a great show of

mystery about the transaction, besides

oliarging me ten times the right price.

It is a sofr. black stick or coil, inado

with indian hemp and sundry sweet es

sences. It may either bo drunk with

water, eaten as it is, smoked in bubble

hubbies or smoked in little terra cofcta


It is said to have tho power of con

ferring a dual personality upon those

who take it. Their dreams aro extraor

dinarily vivid, and every detail of them

is remembered for a long time after

ward. They do not go off to sleep, but

have a kind of fit, which does not sound

particularly agreeable, though for some

reason or other is evidently popular.

These at least aro said to be the com

monest effects of tho drug, but it affects

different people in different ways, and

some get no further than a bad head


It has been used by magicians ever

since the middle ages. remember dur

ing tho esoteric Buddhism craze soma

years ago a friend of mine who was

bitten by it got hold of some hasheesh

and ate it, in the expectation of being

able to project his soul across tho gar

den. The hasheesh was badly mixed, and

a heavy dose of it had no effect what



Ho found that his soul persisted in

remaining where it was. So he grew

bold and helped himself to another

lump, in which all the strength of the

hemp happened to be concentrated. The

result was that two doctors had to walk

him up and down the garden all night

to prevent his falling info a sleep that

would knew no waking.

Though its use is forbidden in Con

stantinople, hasheesh is said to be exten

sively smoked there, especially among

tho Persians. I told my guido that I

Laust see this sight, and after a great

deal of trouble I managed to get taken

to a real hasheesh den. It was a fairly

largo square room, with a divan run

ning all around it. Tho walls were

whitewashed, and tlio carpets on tho

floor were cheap and shabby. One com

mon oil lamp hung from the ceiling,

with a big green shade. Tho center of

tho room was empty, and there wero no

tables or looking glasses in it. Two

men were squatting Turkish fashion on

the divau.

For a long lime they seemed to be iu

a kind of trance, slabbe-i ing at tho cor

ners of llie.il* lips and muttering like

madmen. After a short time ono of

them became livelier and more excited.

He burst into a wild laugh which shook

bis whole body. He placed his hand to

his nose, and beginning to stroke it at

the top passed iiis hand down into the

air as if his nose had reached an inordi

nate length.

An attendant passed by with a coffee

cup, and tho smoker mado a wild effort

to turn aside his head, angrily telling

the attendant to be off, as he was tread

ing on his nose. Then came another

wild burst of laughter, and the fit was

at an end.

His reason gradually seemed to got

the upper hand, and ho proceeded to

express his wonder that ho could have

fancied that his nose had grown so long.

Then, putting his hand up to it, ho re

marked, "All the same, it is hurting

lie confoundedly—just as if somo ono

had twisted it roughly:" And, sure

enough, the nose was unnaturally red.

It is said that under tho influence of

hasheesh you know neither tirno nor

place, and that if you fix your thoughts

on somo place, however distant, that you

have never seen you obtain a clear and

accurate imago of it. I was told a story

of a man who had taken hasheesh with

tho determination to penetrate beyond

tho gravo and find out all about tho fu

ture life.

Ho soon exclaimed that ho was feel

ing very cold, then that he was going

to die. Ho grew very pale, his feet be

came numb, and tho cold began to get

complete possession of him. His sense

of hearing became indistinct. Every

thing seemed to grow dark around him,

and he called for light. Then he.stretched

out his limbs and remained fixed and

immovable. A cold thick sweat was all

over him, and tho pallor of death was

on his face.

Then the attendant thought it was

time to come to tho rescue, and he rub

bed his face and nostrils with lemon

juico and made him sit up. The man

presently opened his eyes and absently

sipped a cup of coffee that was brought

to him. When ho recovered his senses

completely, he was very angry with tho

attendant for interfering with him just

as ho had been on the point of penetrat

ing the unknown.

It may bo mentioned that tho word

"assassin" is derived from "hasheesb

ian, a taker of hasheesh.



so if you ever get the cold nausea sweats of hasheesh, rub your face with lemon juice and sit up.


and if you ever eat two lumps of hasheesh and want to take a nap, make sure you have two doctors walk you up and down your garden to keep you awake so you dont take a nap.

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heres a good one from 1882. a professor explains the effects of hasheesh.


two things to note, first music sounds better, also , 30% resin is said to occur. which means the resin content in the plants in the 1880s is the same resin content we get today 2017.




"Is there any habit equivalent to the rating

and smoking of opium?" the writer Inquired of

Mr. Jomacinahn. professor of chemistry,who was

seated in his private laboratory.

"Yea." replied the professor, thoughtfully, as

he stroked his side whiskers. "There are

people who eat hasheesh."

. In that habitual?."

' Certainly." was the rejoinder. "But it is !

not common In this country. though I person- j

ally know ot two or three menwho are hasheesh j


. "Are the effects and the results the same as

those of opium?"

"No. not exactly." replied the Professor.

"The effects are generally pleasanter and the

results less harmful. A man under the influence

of hasheesh is just as happy as it is possible for

a man to be, or perhaps just the opposite extreme.

The hasheesh is a preparation of Indian hemp.'*


But does not the hemp of other European

countries, or even that raised in America have

the same properties?"

"No." said the Professor, emphatically, "they

do not. In the northern latitudes the hemp

plant (cannabis sativa) grows almost entirely ;

to the fiber. and is a great resource for mats and

cord". In the south, or rather India, how- ;

ever, the plant loses its fibrous texture, but se-

cretes. in quantities equal to one-third of its I

bulk, an opaque and greenish resin. The southern

hemp is known as cannabis indica. Hasheesh is

obtained by boiling the adhesive parts of the

plant in alcohol, which is afterward distilled off,

leaving a resinons extract with a somewhat fragrant

odor, and a bitterish acrid taste. The stimulant

and narcotic of the Indian hemp has been

known in the earlv times. It was employed as

an anesthetic as far back as A. I). 290". At pres-

ent it is employed in the eastern countries as an

anodyne and narcotic, and to effect the mental

functions. It is considered safer than opium,

belladonna and similar remedies, as it does not

check the secretions of or impair the digestion.


It has been known by several expressive names

for instance: 'Causer of reeling-gait,' laughter mover'

and various others. It is generally believed

to have"been the nepenthe of the an-cients."



"It is sometimes taken in its crude state as it j

comes from the stalk. Then it is manufactured

into a conserve with classified butter, honev

and spices. The dried plant is also smoked in

a pipe or chewed. Again, it is taken in the

form of a pill. In Arabia, Persia. Syria, hasheesh

saloons are in comparison as common as

the liquor saloons in this country. The interiors

of the saloons are not unlike the concert

saloons of New York. The walls and ceiling

ire gorgeously painted to represent picturesque

scenes in Oriental type. They are horrible

daubs. however: yet to the

hasheesh eater, or smoker, they grow

gigantic in proportion, and appear to be genuine

scenes of rare beauty. A few string instruments

furnish the music, and an occasional

story-teller the genuine story-teller of the

East endeavors to carry his listeners through a

land of wonders; and he usually succeeds, for his

listeners, under the influence of the drug. with

a little assistance, will allow the imagination to

carry them to the extreme. The twang of the

musical instruments, even though struck in accord,

will reverlierate through the saloon with

a sweetness unequaied by any music listened to

in a sober state. I say sober, localise a man

under the influence of hasheesh is intoxicated."


"What are the sensations experienced by the

hasheesh eaters?



"The effect upon different people is as various

as that of alcohol; with some it rarely produces

stupor, while others experience a mental ecstasy.

Alcohol enlivens, saddens, excites, depresses,

fills with tenderness, or urges to brutality, impairs

vigor and activity, or nauseates and weakens.

while, on the other hand, hasheesh (gives

rise to still greater phenomena.


The first sensation

experienced by the eater is, sometimes, a

pain in his head. The top of his skull seems to

move up and down like the cover of a coffee pot

when standing on the stove. After that sensation

has passed away he begins to have visions

of no ordinary kind. For a time he is apparently

transformed into another being, and has taken

flight to another world. He becomes

exceedingly happy, and his visions are or

a pleasant nature. Occasionally he

will burst out into mammaries of boistenous laughter,

with no idea of what he is laughing at. except

that everything has assumed a ludicrous appearance.

Time lengthens, and a minute seems

like hours; space expands, and a distance ot

ten feet seems a long way-a tiresome journey.


Fitzhugh Ludlow, In writing of his experience

as a hasheesh-eater, tells of his first sensations.


After he has experienced many delightful

visions he retires to bed. There he Is seized

with the idea that he is dying from the effect of

the drug. He gets up with the intention of going

to see a doctor. He describes his sensations

something like this: "I hurriedly left my room,

but paused as I looked down the stairs. The

depth was fathomless; it was a journey of years

to the bottom. The dim light of the sky

shone through the narrow pane at the side of

the front door, and seemed like a demon lamp

in the middle darkness of the abyss. I never

could get down. Suddenly a happy thought

struck me. If the distance be infinite, 1 am

Immortal. Then I began the descent, wearily,

wearily, down the league-long, yeat-long journey.

stopping to rest now and then as a traveler

would at a way side inn.' Though the book Is

greatly overdrawn, - that portion which has

reference to the apparent difference of time and

distance, as viewed in the hasheesh state, is perfectly

true. A person when under the influence

of the drug will sometimes imagine that he is

living a life eternal, or that he is plunged into

an infinity of spare. To walk a hundred yards

would seem like so many miles, while the timo

consumed in making the journey would be

equivalent to the distance. The experience of

M. Aubert while under the Influence of hasheeh

may interest you: He says:


" 'I was engaged in conversation when I felt

a prickling sensation in my feet, and in my

head a structure, which gave way suddenly, and

my skull seemed empty. Every object wore a

new aspect: my companion's face seemed

grotesque in appearance; I burst out laughing,

and continued to laugh for an hour. The

merest trifle renewed my mirth. Meanwhile

the most various and whimsical ideas coursed

through my mind. I experienced the most

perfect sense of comfort. For me there was no

longer past, present and future; the fleeting

moments limited my whole existence. Then

followed a calm, and sleep stole over me. The

whole night was but



On awakening I remembered all that had taken

place, and my head was not heavy nor my

mouth dry. as it would have been after a debauch

in opium or wine. Others have written

of their various experiences. Sometimes the

sound of the voice to the eater will reverberate

like thunder. This is owing to the intense susceptibility

of the sensor!um produced by the

drug.' "


"What decided effect will the drug have

upon a person?"

"Hasheesh is always characterized by the

most remarkable phenomena, both spiritual

and physical. Experiments made by eminent

medical men at Calcutta some forty years ago

proved that It was capable of producing ordinary

symptoms of catalepsy, or even of trance.

Constant use of the drug causes Imbecility."

Can a hasheesh eater be detected by appearances?"

the writer iuquired.

Yea," replied the Professor, "by the extreme

pallor of the person's face, or by a peculiarity In

his walk. I had a friend, a member of the medical

profession, who had spent a lew years in

Hindostan, where he acquired the habit- of eating

hasheesh. Upon returning to this country

we found that he could not break loose from It.

He was a bright young man and an excellent

physician, but the constant use of the drug

ruined him. As the habit grew upon him his

life became a misery to himself and friends. I

believe I was the only person who knew that he

used-the drug, tho he tried to hide It from others

by drinking liquor, and his friends thought he

had become an habitual drunkard, he was always

under the Influence of hasheesh or strong drink,

or both. He would occasionally stagger Into

the laboratory, look into my face for a moment,

then burst out into a fit of boisterous laughter,

and would continue to laugh for some time, as

though he thought I was exceedingly funny.



The elder Dumas was a hasheesh-eater, and

he probably wrote some of his best works under

Its influence. In his work of 'Monte Christo*

the hero is described as being a hasheesh-eater,

and if you have read the story you will recollect

that In speaking of his appearance Dumas remarks

his extreme pallor?a face like marble.

To illustrate the influence, that hasheesh will

have over some persona, I refer to the famous

sect of Assassins?a terror of tbe Middle Age*.

This society was % secret jMtttoll power, and

was originated some time during the ninth

century of the Christian era In Persia,

and soon spread through 8yria and Arabia.

The chief of the sect, spoken of as the

Old Man of the Mountains,' controlled his subjects

by the Influence of hasheesh. Persons held

worthy to membership In that bloody community

were subjected to the most seductive Impressions

while underthe influence of hasheesh,

and led to believe themselves chosen instruments

of a supernatural power. The chief alone

possessed tlie secret of the drug. So complete

was the control that the chief had over his men

that if he should say to one 'kill yourself,' the

man would Immediately do It. That fact has

been illustrated many times. Then, if one or

more members of 1 he sect were directed to assassinate

a certain man in the kingdom, they

would do it, even though they sacrificed

their lives in the effort, which was

oftentimes the case. A new applicant for membership

to the sect was Invited to the chiefs

palace or castle.w here he sat down to a delightful

feast, and was intoxicated with hasheesh,

which was concealed in his food. Th<m he began

to experience the most delightful visions, and

while in that state he was carried into the most

beautiful garden, where he enjoyed a foretaste

of heaven; beautiful flowers and trees, beautiful

women and all the sensual and enervating delights

which the prophet promised to his follow

ers. From that'moment he became a tirm believer

and follower of the prophet; in other

words, the 'Old Man of the Mountains.' Although

degenerated the assassins are not yet

extinct, "they still exist In certain portions of

Asia, but, being an Ignorant set'of people, they,

have no knowledge of their former power, aud

Consequently are apparently harmless."

"But," said the writer, "does it not at times

cause just the opposite sensation to that of hap-

piness? For instance, in the case ot the Assas-

sins, it urges men to brutality and murder, and

the natives of Southern Asia and Africa are said,

while under the effects of hasheesh, to run

auiuck, and



' In the case of the Assassins,"replied the Professor.

"it was their devotion to the chief that

causal them to commit murder. Running

amuck, though attributed to hasheesh, is not

the case. The drug will-never produce that

effect, The only explanation I can trive is that

it may have been taken with stramonium, better

known as Jamestown weed, which would probably

produce the effect described."


"Are there other narcotics or stimulants containing

properties similar to hasheesh?" the

writer inquired.

"Yes, though not exactly the same," anwered

the Professor. "Stramonium will cause

a remarkable phenomena, but if taken in sufficient

quantity will also result in death. Belladonna

will cause fantastic dreams similar to

those produced by hasheesh. But there is no

drug save opium that will answer the purpose

of hasheesh."


I should juge." remarked the writer, "if

the properties of hasheesh were generally

known there would be many people who would

have a desire to experience its pleasant sensations."

"No doubt," was the rejoinder. "This Is the

first thought the young chemist has when he begins

to study up that subject; but in nine cases

out of ten the experimenter is made sick; he

experiences no pleasure whatever. In the first

place, it is difficult to obtain the genuine preparation

of hasheesh. In the second place, the

people of this northern climate are not constituted

as the people of the southern climate, and

consequently the effects will not always be the

same. I would not advise you to try it," added

the Professor significantly. "A man can very

easily Income a slave of the habit."


"have you experimented with it?" the writer

ventured to ask. '

"Yes," he replied.

"And the effect?"

"Was similar to those I have described. I

felt decidedly happy, and everything appeared

ludicrous. I would laugh without the least

provocation. Then the phenomena of time and 1

space was the same as that of which I have

spoken. I lived through every pleasant inci-

deut of my life again. All my friends "friends

of my childhood" all seemed to pass before my

eyes dressed in holiday attire, like the working

of a panorama. Every one was smiling. My

body seemed to be devoid of weight, and I felt

as though I could walk on air. But I took the

genuine article, a preparation I had had im-

pnrted from India; and then the effect upon you. 1

even though you took the gennine preparation

might not be pleasant. It is a drug that very

little is known of, and, I might say, is dangerous

to experiment with. The physicians of 1

the present day know very little of its use, and

It is very rarely used In prescriptions."


"But it can be obtained in first-class drugstores,

can it not?, and there are people here

who are



"Young man," said the Professor, with great ,

severity, "your persistent inquiry on that par-

ticular point is remarkable. But, as I remarked

before, I would not advise you to experiment

with It. It is.a bad thing. There are habitual

hasheesh eaters in this country, aud in this city,

but they are no better than habitual drunkards.


Fortunately, however, they are few, which is

more than I can say of the opium eaters. If

you wish to have pleasant thoughts, lead a

moral life, work hard, and do your duty, and

you will not find time for unpleasant thoughts

or memories, which ought not to exist in the

mind of a man who has lived a good life. If

you want a little recreation or pleasure, some-

thing to aid in producing the visionary, do as I

do, smoke a quiet pipe, and then, if you are

not able to build some of the tallest air castles,

you had better build small ones without the use

of narcotics."


"But what serious physical results will con- i

stant use of the drug have?"


"Like many other pleasure-producing habits,

it Is injurious. For a momentary happiness a

man may lose his health and sacritice many

years of his life. That rule is not confined en-

tlrely to hasheesh eating alone, but excess of

any pleasure that requires a mental or physical

effort will lead to the same results."


"Is it ever used as a narcotic in preference to

opium and similar drugs?"

"Yes, it has been successfully used in many

cases," replied the Professor. "For instance, in

cases of amputation or other surgical opera-

tions that would necessarily be painful to the '



"Is there any effectual antidote for hasheesh?"

the writer finally asked.

"There Is no effectual antidote. The juice of i

a lemon will allay the sensations somewhat, but i

will not restore the person to his normal state,"

concluded the Professor.



AGAIN with the lemons lolol.


thanks for reading with me, i fixed some of the ocr errors but theres still a bunch.


"air castles" in this case, means "dreaming while awake" aka daydreams. darn old english words and sayings...

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is that the old 'go suck a lemon' joke?

I think it's a serious way to combat the feeling that I 'took too much'. When you take too much oil you have this feeling that you want to come down a little. You might be a little queasy and uncomfortable. Been there and you just have to wait it out. Next time I run into that situation I'm going to try the lemon trick. If it works it's priceless. For a new patient it could be priceless. Just have to confirm that it works. 

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