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Look To The E-Cig Industry For Affordable Cannabis Vaping Tech ...

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Thank u gg, thank u imiubu


I dont do vape pens, so tough for me to relate. Tried the early vape products w herb, and never really found an appreciation. But im a bit stuck in my ways anymore... Straight up joints or give a 3' graffix if u still have one that hasnt been kicked over, lol


Yeah, i was looking at his handheld rig and for the life of me the wick thing just didnt make sense, yet he insisted his buddy uses oil in such a rig. So for me, i just couldnt fig it out, how a sticky icky blob of bho would actually wick. I could only think to use a solvent, but that still didnt seem right.


Think i may pick up an eclipse and try it out myself. Iv seen those around, just never tried. I get its not really true vaping, but really just need to find a convenient way for this guy (or me even) to try the oil. He really likes the concealed nature of an electric pen, or at least it can be easily argued as a tobacco replacement. He'd b back to sparking a flame, so there goes that, but the eclipse looks to be reasonable and way less noticeable and cumbersome than a traditional rig.


Imi... I like that unit, in that i can certainly c how it would operate like a trad'l vape in mechanics. And more transportable/usable. Def would like to hear feedback to know if ir doesnt get too hot and burn the oil...?


Thanks resto for pointing out the eclipse


The eclipse can offer a good vape. It does take practice with the torch. With non heat decarbed concentrates it can give a really good vape without burning. However, if you want to get it all, there will be some burning at the end. With heat decarbed oils, it is more difficult, wasteful, and more easy to burn. At least with my experience.


That is what I started with, and it built from there. I liked it, but it can be expensive and it became a hobby, more than less for enjoyment.

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