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Raspberryhigh - The Diy Raspberrypi Vaporizer

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Feel free to checkout this interesting website I discovered while researching ways to create a DYI vape. This method is genius; but, it's steep learning curve only makes it practical for the technically inclined.


Warning: Do not attempt to fabricate this device while medicated.


RaspberryHigh - The DIY Vaporizer using the RaspberryPi Mini-Computer




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my first vaporizer was an upturned soldering iron, makeshift aluminum foil bowl stuck in an upside down 2 litre pop bottle to catch the vapor. I used a plug n go rheostat to control the heat and it worked great. Inspired me to buy my first few pieces of crap, magic flight, vapir, and finally a volcano, then an Arizer Q=winner.

good luck in your quest. Vaporizing my herb uses near twice as much compared to me rolling it in a typical day, but I still do it occasionally.

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I was medicated and hanging out in my garage about 5-6 summers ago, I sat and looked at all this stuff that was laying around, soldering iron, mason jar, small wooden box and a bunch of aquarium style tubing, about three hours later I had a functioning vaporizer, I wish I still had a pic, for a bunch of garage junk and a few hours, I was super proud of it,

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