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Cant See


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I am unable to see any of the forum posts new or old. Can anyone help ?

what web browser are you using ?


nothing changed on the site, so it maybe problem with your puter.

try clearing browser cache / temporary internet files ?

upgrading browser ?


install firefox / chrome and use that instead?


everyone should install ublock origin or another ad block plugin like adblockplus.

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Did system restore,tried other browsers,reboot, made sure I am logged in,checked all of my settings and all of the above. I have learned a ton from you guys but if I can't fix this I guess I will bail which sucks. Wrote to the web site about this and got no response. I am able to see everything else at this web site except the forums.

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1st. click on the section you want to start a new topic in.

There is a rectangle button on the right hand side top that says;

"Start New Topic"


A form will open.

Fill it in and make your post.

Don't forget to finalize by clicking the send or post button :)


Hope this helps.

If ya need more assistance, just ask.


Good luck

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