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I hope you don't mind if I chime in and ask the same thing ...Looking for a doctor in lower Michigan near the Ohio -Michigan boarder.

I originally visited (1 year ago) a doctor who was glad to take the money and fill out my form giving me my MMMJ card.

He never even asked me to come back for a follow up. I am a legitimate patient as I am a cancer survivor with documented history.

Meanwhile, I have since educated myself and realized that I need to have that doctor/patient relationship.

I am looking for that doctor or clinic here. I am closest to Monroe Michigan or if need be I can drive to Ann Arbor or somewhere not to far away.

I have had cancer and I am also my own caregiver, so I can grow my own 12 plants (or even be a caregiver to another).

I am glad to have found this forum to help facilitate my learning and enable me to feel confident about WHY I would choose

certain avenues over others. I want to be certain I am making educated decisions leading me down the correct path.

Thank you.  

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Thanks for the responses.....

both Ann Arbor and Dearborn are about 50 min drive.......way better than the Greenlight clinic in Troy Michigan. 

Dr. Kumar Singh was fabulous and very professional and very informed. $99  New patients and $79 renewals. Its just to far

to drive and a bit complex  in the itinerary


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There is....M Neumann ......I saw him initially. $150,but He is not a MMMJ doctor per say that 

can advocate for you in my humble opinion. He didnt advise me of many issues that 

encompass the "patient" like a follow up or other pertinent info. Dr Kumar Singh is totally versed in

the entire subject and advocates to his patients. He appears to not want idiotic people who are not

informed and he passes info and educates. He is part of a greater good in this movement. This is the 

kind of doctor I want on my side. I might have to bite the bullet and just drive up there for the day.

Its a rather exhausting day especially coupled with a work day but everything has its pros and cons.

Nothing bad to say about Dr,. Newman. I just want someone on my side who is equipped & informed with as many of the 

possible facets im facing or encountering. AND....Dr Singh will go to court for his patients as he understands a 

bonafide patient doctor relationship......He even does an online visit or check in, inbetween the initial and the in person follow-up.

This way there is mush documentation on your progress with treatment with the MMJ on file.

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