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Trump Leading Pope Francis By Over Twenty Points

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SATIRE - TRUMPOLL: Trump leading Pope Francis by over twenty points


The latest Trumpoll indicates Donald Trump leading the Pope by well over 20 points. His ego was recently measured by astronauts aboard the ISS and determined to be soooo H-U-G-E, really really H-U-G-E, it surpassed the size of the Catholic Church. In the end the latest political advertisements slaying the Pope were ultimately too effective against the will of the people. After his Holiness’s confessions were secretly recorded and leaked into the global media by anonymous Trump supporters, Papa Francis submitted his final resignation and Cardinals executed their emergency deification protocol to immediately install the new Ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire. At his triumphant victory speech, Don choked on his own ego and was declared brain-dead; however, official time of brain death is to be determined.


{ :devil: = :abe:}


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