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Hey Michigan, What Are You Smoking/medicating With Tonight?

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To get us going, I must confess, I started it last night, and meant to post, but, well, you know.....  had to go to bed early, so I am smoking the roach tonight.   Here is what I am smoking tonight,

Tonight's menu:   Querkle joint and the paper is covered with 5 year old cannabis oil. The oil is just as good as the day it was put in the vial.   

This thread reminds me of rotary phones, call in swap shop (linked on CL), and AARP. I still love ya though.      Here's a bud and some oil of papaya (Hannah's cut), perfect morning/daytime relief.

Posted Images

Plushberry.... I had some old seeds that I tried to germinate, but no luck :(. Should have stored them better. One day I'll get to try it.



Tonight we have another TGA strain, Qush. The last of it until two more harvests....


TGA Qush 20160425 012

TGA Qush 20160425 013

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I had me a nice peice of dark chocolate with sputnic and pine apple chunk oil in it, A nice fatty of strawberry cough, and a nice glass of white zinfandel!  ummm  sweet dark chocolate, Mild 3 gram dube, and a nice glass of sweet and sour after taiste wine!


Nite All!



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Does your exodus cheese smell fruity? I ran a cut from genotype and was surprised by the fruitiness. Nothing like the UK cut. The terps were loud af, just not quite what I was after. Yours look like some fire!



Vaping some amnesia a little earlier in a KISS Alpha Centauri atomizer and it's delivering AMAZING flavor. I've been getting such good flavor with atomizers over the last few days that I'm beginning to realize that I've been dabbing all wrong. My rig must be WAY too hot. I just don't get the same flavor/effects from my torch tek as I do these atomizers. 








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