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Hey Michigan, What Are You Smoking/medicating With Tonight?


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Really? This is the absolute lamest thread ever. Kept lame by each and every post without a pic. Nobody cares.

I will show you my pic if you show me yours!




green crack and white zinfindle for me last nite and wow I slept so good!




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This thread reminds me of rotary phones, call in swap shop (linked on CL), and AARP. I still love ya though.  :lolu:


Here's a bud and some oil of papaya (Hannah's cut), perfect morning/daytime relief. Imagine smoking it.   




Haha, I like the analogy :)  Meds look stellar.

Were I medicating with herb that came from my own garden, I would post up pix also.

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Orange Plushberry (Orange Creamsicle X Plushberry) Nice light vegetation adn great taste reminiscent of Super Snow Ballz or Gorilla Glue.  You aren't doing anything fast on this one and you may end up devouring the fridge.  Great for overactive minds and bad apatite.

Ate way too much sushi in Lansing tonite and after this I'm already thinking of the Reeses's in the fridge.  Even though I'm kicking the xanax today too.

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