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Cool. I ran into one the other day, he was having trouble with checking in with the computer at the v a, I helped him out. He said they didn't have computers around when he was young, we laughed, then he told me he was born in 1923, I never really did the math.

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My friends dad is a ww2 vet who will be 92 this year.  He spends much of his time seeking out other ww2 vets then visiting with them, both in FL

and MI.  He is still sharp as a tack I tell ya.  Last fall I showed him how to take pictures with his new cell phone then send them in a text message.

He told me "that is so cool!" haha.

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As do I.  I do not visit the VA or any old folks homes etc... I do however plan extra time for my shopping, errands, appt's etc...

to allow myself time to talk with elderly folks, veterans or not.  What I find interesting and quite sad is their surprise when I start

a conversation, like they can't believe someone wants to talk with them.  I guess I can understand to some degree as our elderly

and veterans are so often forgotten and neglected.  What I notice and find a simple joy in is how their eyes light up as we speak

together.  I see this spark in their eyes, their faces light up and bodies relax as they tell their stories of youth.  A fleeting moment

in time that brings joy to both of us.


They are young people trapped in old bodies and some of us will be there one day also.


Take a little time out, show some compassion.  You never know the difference you can make in someones life w/ this simple gesture.

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I love being transported back to a time I know so little of.

Personal stories help me to get a deep sense of history

I could never get from books or movies.


I talked w/ my girlfriends dad yesterday.  He is going deep sea fishing

today.  Dang, I hope I am alive and able to be that active at 91.

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The WW11 vet that I know was on a ship.

Weren't they all on ships? LOL


Many that were stationed on ships got shore leave. I'm sure they shared their dancing girl stories like my granddad did with me.


In his last days I remember him looking up at a wall, smiling and talking about the dancing girls. Many of these guys were very young when they went to war and hadn't seen much yet. The dancing girls in France made quite an impression I'm sure.  

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