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you are correct pic book, you have good eyes on you.


darn , seems like every time i make a mistake everyone points it out :D


hate to mess up your thread sir.


dont take a plea! they just want to ruin your life.

It is so easy to say to some one Dont take a Plea!


When your freedom is in the hand of others it is a very hard choice to make!


It would be great if no one took plea's,,,,,,that is not reality,,,,over 80% of requested jury trials wind up taking plea's.


Had I not taken a few plea's I would be a fellon and not allowed to own a gun! and I would be an ex con!



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I hope it works out for you and would love to come support you if you would like me too send me a PM or call me i'll come i go to many


But i just don't think it will ever happen the Courts our playing with everyone Imho making case Law is not going to happen here in Michigan i believe your story but believe you should have 

never had been arrested in the first place one person last week i was at  got convicted for spraying off the Mites on his 4 plants outside
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 if you had wanted to see the first jury trial that someone can use the card to a jury we have missed it because as far as i can tell and i'm no Lawyer it already has happen last month he was found not guilty by a jury


The name is Mr. Sommer 



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No i do not have a start time but the location is the same 


Our you wanting to go if so we could ride together and share the gas ?

Tried PMing you - but it wouldn't go through (too many messages??) hers what I sent:


Bob, still not sure if I'll be able to make this. Also, I live in Ottawa County - you're more on the East side of the state, right?

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The verdict has been made as I sit at the councils table. She struggles to open the sealed envelope and starts the verbiage used to describe it. NOT GUILTY, Dan pats me on the back as I look to his side. I was poised and never overly excited,just content in the moment. The peace that was given beforehand, was enough to handle whatever the verdict would have been, but this is what I wanted. Now it's uplifted and removed, nice to say that I won't have to deal with it anymore. From Dan's expertise knowledge capability, this is only the third section 8 case to ever make it to trail, let alone win. Thanks for all the support, I plan on writing a book that will have the whole story; until then, always look up and be guided from the spirit within!


Thanks for standing up for all of us Congratulations 


this is only the third section 8 case to ever make it to trail <<<<< I know one of them the Sommer case and now your case do you know who was the other person ?


 I plan on writing a book ? i hope you do i've been thinking about that also for a long time if you would like to compare notes give me a call 

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