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Spinosad Not For Spider Mites

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anyone have substantiated go/no go on those pest strips. i hear conflicting stories year after year. the last was they are used in food grain storage safely. aint enough for me to advise their use, like saying they're used in tobacco barns..



what part of tobacco's harms are inherent and which are added toxins, anyone?  I have oodles of ancient tobacco strains in culture. I dont use tobacco anymore. But I will smoke these when I decide to grow them out. I wonder if they make me cough, or cause cancers, or heart disease anymore than inhaling any other combustive plant material?  some ills have got be a result of the hundreds of chemicals applied to the tobacco plant right up to the day of harvest I'd think. I'll do a full smoke report on my findings, maybe this summer



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Beneficial mites is the way to go but they must be used in conjunction with  something to knock down the colony I used Neem oil here and just ordered a second  bottle of the warriors to finish off the stragglers and like I said after I quit spraying preventative sprays in flower my girls look 100% better.

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I used spinosad for a decent size mite population they were on half my plants by the time i spotted them. I treated every mprning before the light went off for 5 days in a row completely saturating the underside and top of plant. I also watered the plants a few times with the spinosad. I dont know if that did anything or not. But it definataly worked. I only treated twice for five days each time the second was just a precaution as i was flipping to flower. All the spinosad trwatment i did was during the veg stage and had no mites at all all tge way to harvest. Hope this helps

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