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Hops Extract Anti-Tumor As Well

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ya'll can grow hops, ya'll can eat hops.


It should

be noted that, since we used the whole extract of the

hop flowers, these cytotoxic effects on tumor cells

may be associated with other compounds in the

extract. Therefore, performing further research is

required to confirm the specific bioactive compounds

responsible for the anticancer activity of the extract

and the mechanism through which they eliminate

cancerous cells.

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How does one consume hops without making beer?   Would you make a concentrate similar method to rso?

KALSEC in kalamazoo creates hop extracts.  These are super concentrated versions of all the good stuff minus the plant material.  




Generally, breweries will buy this extract oil and just add it to the finished product to give it a hop character.  You could consume it but boy is this stuff strong.

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All of the hop oils I've seen have been CO2 extracted.  I love bitter IPAs and homebrew so I've had some experience with this stuff.  Squeeze out a pea-sized glob to taste and you'll have a lovely smell, and some overly intense hop flavor and bitterness that coats your tongue for an hour after tasting.  So far I haven't convinced anyone to try any vaporized, seems like it might be a little harsh!  Now if only the oil from the hop's friendly cousin were so affordable in 100 or 150 gram cans...



They even sell "hop hash" these days from the machines that grind the hop cones into pellets for more intense flavors.


Any reason to put more hops in my body works for me, thanks for sharing :-)

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How does one consume hops without making beer?   Would you make a concentrate similar method to rso?

Why'nhell would anyone want it without the beer?


Hops are in the same botanical family with cannabis, and can be used dried to help with sleep.





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