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Obama: "last Time I Was This High, I Was Trying To Decide On My Major

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Obama Jokes About The Last Time He Was This High In his approval ratings, of course.

 The Huffington Post


President Barack Obama joked about his approval ratings, which have climbed higher in recent months, at the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday.

“The last time I was this high, I was trying to decide on my major,” said the president, in his eighth and final dinner. 

Obama wrote about drug use in his youth in his 1995 book Dreams From My Father.




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Trying to decide on his major. That says a lot.


How many his age were trying to decide how they would find work or how they could live on how much they made if they were working. Funny guy.

Im out of likes lol.....I think we should get unlimited likes! lmao  (sorry zap)


lets see, when he was deciding what to major in, I was probably out in the woods cutting fire wood, splitting it with a maul, and delivering it to customers for 20 bucks a face cord, dry seasoned oak! I did have a brand new 1980 ford fiesta, I had to heat my house with fire wood,  so lets see,  I chose to heat with wood so I could afford a car,,,,,,and I heated with wood so I could afford to drink beer and eat peanuts, lmao!


College just didnt seem to be an option for me, I suppose they had student loans back than, my old man surely couldnt afford to send me even to community college, not that I got good enough grades to go to a university lol!


But I most def could afford the 30 buck oz's back than!



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