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A Miracle!

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My Akita has returned after 9 days!!


He is seriously wounded, otherwise doing well. Heading to the vet soon.


Thanks for all the support.


Love and prayers - a dream come true.

I love to hear good news!! great to hear ,, so glad you got your baby back.

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A small correction. He was gone for 10 days!


The vet had to shave his head and leg to clean the wounds. He looks, well, different. His head, sides of his neck, and ears are covered with bite marks. A very scary sight. He also has a large gash out of his right hind leg.


Antibiotics and pain meds if needed, and lots of love. Keep the wounds as clean as possible. Up to date on shots and negative for heart worms. It's a beautiful day. A belated Mother's day gift for sure!



Thank you all for your love and concern. It really means a lot. We are still dumbfounded that he made it home alive. It is like a dream.

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I just cant tell you how happy I am for you!


I had some great news happen also, Im just so happy for you and yours!


I dont pray alot,,I did pray for your Baby's return!


Im so happy, Thank you for sharing!




I believe in the power of prayer for sure! There were many people praying for us and his safe return. I can't believe he was able to survive 10 days in the cedar swamps, lose at least 15 pounds, having serious wounds, and survive and find his way home. A miracle for sure. He is on the path to healing, it will take some time. He is more paranoid of strange sights and sounds, but I don't blame him for that.


Although, the way he looked that morning he came home, it kind of looked like something from pet cemetery, without the viciousness. Like the land was not poisoned, but pure. I truly believe his finding his way home was the help of pure prayers. 


Thank you all for the love and prayers.

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