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Haven't introduced myself yet so here goes.

I'm a former mechanical engine engineer but now retired due to pain. I had back surgery that messed up nerves and my back so now I live with pain.

I recently received my mm card and am new to pot - haven't smoked since the 70's!

This board has helped me learn a lot and that's a good thing!

I'm in macomb county.

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Im from macomb county, I used to live in st. clair shores, back when they actualy still had a lil bit of forrest left lol!



Dro man,,,,,man I had 2 hippie houses like right across the street from me in the 70's! :bong7bp:  :drinking-coffee: Wild times!

Northern lights have been around a long long time :bong2:


I started making bho in late 70's early 80's!  shhhhhhhhhhhh  I dont do that no more!



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