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What I Failed To Anticipate In Building My New Hydro System--Help

pic book

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Grass is right about the $kw and the heat.


Do you really need the high flow volume, or is it to create the the roiling effect to increase the DO. If it is to increase the DO, how about a lower flow and use some spray nozzles. With the reservoir at floor level and 35 gallon pots I am guessing you only need to raise the water up about 3 feet. You could put a simple manifold made of 1/2" pvc in each pot and screw in six spray nozzles like they use in a turbo cloners. These can be feed from a lower volume and pressure circulating pump, i.e. 1200 gph 12-15ft head.


The spray nozzles are about $0.25 each, the pvc is dirt cheap and from all your posts, I would guess you might even have a pump in a closet somewhere.

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