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Trusted Seed Banks ?


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That would give me an uneasy feeling...as in...no thanks...ever...



well here you go, blank money orders or cash sent in  unsigned ,

represents foreign companies, could pretend to "buy american "though


I think this guy is straight up , no worries I suspect.

the UK been mailing seeds for decades and really good at it. they even mail supply to him!


"For new customers here are the payment options and mailing address. 
We accept cash or a  blank money order, 
sent in a priority envelope, unsigned for. Sent threw the USPS.
 (this way you can track it to our PO Box). 
We ship to all US states in a Priority box (with tracking) for 7 dollar's."
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If your close to ann arbor i could direct you to a few different spots that have seeds

3 hours.  I know Jackson Compassion Club carries seeds - 2 hours plus, however.  They'll mail them, but...


Does anyone know which seed vendors will be at the Cup in June?

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dr. greenthumbs, ottawa, canada.  sometimes doc is cranky and abrupt.  sometimes i swear.  once a decade i cuss somebody out.
Who the f cares?  Life is great and doc loves life and his craft.   I'm guessing he is the last of the 'hunch' breeders.  It's gonna shift like lightning to computer-generated matches based on prospective parent's dna maps.  greenthumbs gives straight steers on his seeds for my situation.  and his growers in hydro flower at 21 inches and the weight they pull has just got to be seen with your own eyeballs to be believed.  His is the operation that is worth ten times the cost to go and see. Marc Emery was merely a merchant, sorry marc.  Doc has got it all covered, growing, breeding and commerce.  He is, I believe, currently the best in his field.  It is a tragedy that after 30 years, 25 on his own, he wants out.  We are losing one of the masters who exemplifies the truths in the book, named 'Outliers'. Put in 10,000 hours and in your chosen, loved field, you start to know your craft.  Do it twice and you will sit at the top, above all others in your craft. My only complaint about doc is that he's male, cause she'd have made me a helll of a damnn great wife. Loving each other and loving the same plant.  Helll ya!

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mostly, i dismiss cup winners. often they are the cum shot of the moment.  not always true of course not.  80s had northern lights and until 92 unless u were offering nl you weren't offering what every smoker was looking for.  LA in 80s directly reflected what occurred in Amsterdams ribboning.

but some winners are travesties, but aren't proclaimed as such by any critic.  take barneys farm critical kush, 2014 winner.  what a f up by judges.  yah it can be great, for smokers, but for growers?  its got 16 phenos (at least, that i found in the 160 seedlings that survived out of some 400+ beans popped over 2 years).  also a high rate of deformeds. those that survive are mostly are midgets that yield half a joint.  and grow so s l o w l y in veg.  4 weeks to grow an inch?  strange variances in veg.  and of those that do veg many refuse to flower (mature).  do any achieve the vendors description of 3 feet?  ONE.  the general tendency is for them is to go wide (like a ever-expanding cereal bowl, and like your yard, to go on for a 100 days with fluffy unfinished buds.

and so many other examples to cite.

smoke alone does not a great strain make, but it is the only aspect of the plant that makes it to the judges.  that, my buds, is the shortcoming of cups.

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