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$6K A Day For Gov. Snyder's Legal Fees


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oh oh, something else i read today.


Gov. Snyder asks auditor general to suspend Flint water crisis investigation





FLINT, MI -- Gov. Rick Snyder is asking that a state investigation related to the Flint water crisis be suspended after requests from U.S. Department of Justice and attorney general Bill Schuette.


In a letter Wednesday, May 25, Schuette and Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said a state administrative investigation of the crisis has the potential to "cause the guilty to go free, obstruct justice, and result in gross injustice to the families of Flint and to the families of Michigan."

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a state administrative investigation of the crisis has the potential to "cause the guilty to go free, obstruct justice, and result in gross injustice to the families of Flint and to the families of Michigan."


Only if they suspend the investigation.

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It is difficult to tell the real reasoning behind this, but any action by Snyder or Schuette is usually a bad one. I wouldn’t be surprised if Schuette wanted to throw Snyder or others under the bus for when election time comes. Regardless, all evidence points to the Governor’s administration with respect to who made the final decision to use the Flint River. The engineering reports indicated that corrosion control was needed, while earlier articles before KWA began stated the plant needed $60+ million in upgrades to treat river water. Back then it was widely acknowledged that the Flint river was not a financially sound way of obtaining water, and that it may not be able to supply enough water in the case of droughts.


The river option isn't as cost-effective because the city's water treatment plant would need about $50 million in upgrades to treat the water full time, rather than as a back-up option as it is now.


The city would also need to spend another $10 million in other infrastructure upgrades to dams and other river features to make sure the river can supply enough water to residents and still meet its environmental requirements from the state. Treating lake water, on the other hand, isn't as complicated because it's cleaner, and the treatment plant would need about $10 million in upgrades, officials said.




By saying it may cause the guilty to go free further points to the issue being higher up the chain. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Snyder himself who OKed the final decision to switch. It’s clear that his inner circle knew of the serious problems going on and decided to do nothing but provide clean bottled water to state employees. I'm sure they don't make these decisions on their own and require the governors approval first.


As a side-note, the city is now losing 40%-50% of all it's water due to leaking/broken water mains. It was around 20%-30% before the switch; the corrosion is estimated to have done 10-20 years of damage. Flint needed new water mains and pipes, not the KWA. They will never admit to the full magnitude of damage they have caused... just keep flushing they say; the people of Flint are almost better off building a new city.

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Some additional info I’ve dug up.


Report: Boss says DEQ employees were scapegoats in Flint water crisis


MSP investigative report shows why criminal cases in Flint water crisis could be compromised


You would expect with all that money Snyder’s legal team is sucking up they would at least advise him not to have MSP launch a secret civil investigation prior to concluding the criminal part… unless they wanted to compromise it. They are talking about fruit from poisonous tree type defenses, which may end up protecting higher ups if a lead is obtained through one of these scapegoat’s testimonies.


I find it difficult that any of the three individuals charged had anything to really gain from supporting a switch to the Flint River. They were told from higher ups what the plan was and they were expected to cover for them by lying to EPA and fixing data. But again, Flint plant never had the capacity to add corrosion control so what were they suppose to do besides quit or flip on their employer?

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they really thought the people of michigan would just accept these low level employees did the whole thing on thier own.

They still do!   Thats there story and there sticking to it...


As Trump would say SNEAKIN SNYDER

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