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Kent County Compassion Club

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I've tried contacting them by Facebook with no reply.  She did accept a friend request, but no response, I might stop by tomorrow and see, but I am a little wary since it is a bit of a drive and no response after weeks makes me question if it is worth it...


Hello, Yes we are still pushing along, and operating. Feel free to contact me by email, cocoj6969@gmail.com or call 619.249.3855.


Look forward to meeting you.




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MMMA Compassion Clubs are simply community-based support groups of patients, caregivers, families and loved ones, local caregiver groups, and the public, who meet regularly to learn and provide mutual support. Compassion Clubs discuss issues effecting Michigan’s medical marijuana community, and promote the open exchange of ideas and information.

MMMA Compassion Clubs form when friends and neighbors come together to support, learn from, and educate each other. Some programming is provided on a regular basis to local groups by the central MMMA office. In addition, Compassion Clubs are encouraged to develop their own local programming based on local needs and resources.

The most important benefit of each meeting however comes from the empowerment members feel from the social networking and community building that is a positive side effect of these meetings. We are inclusive, color-blind, compassionate, tolerant, law-abiding people coming together to support local members of Michigan’s medical marijuana community.

Compassion Clubs are also encouraged to interact with other Clubs in surrounding areas or across the state for a variety of purposes including networking, community volunteer days & festivals or to co-sponsor fundraising events. We expect club sponsors to visit other clubs to share ideas and identify common goals that clubs can rally around to raise funds of awareness.

Compassion Clubs are semi-autonomous groups, required to adhere to a few simple guidelines to be recognized by the MMMA, but flexible to structure their organization, officers, activities and meetings to suit member need.

Clubs are not required to incorporate, or to become sanctioned by the MMMA, but clubs that do take advantage of incorporation will be eligible to participate in additional MMMA revenue-sharing programs.

M3A assists local sanctioned clubs by providing:

  • Speakers ready to address clubs on a wide range of topics
  • Help with community outreach and new member recruitment
  • Providing clubs with news and Information to educate and stimulate member discussion
  • Caregiver training and certification programs*
  • Help clubs identify revenue streams and fund raising opportunities
  • Help clubs understand how to get publicity
  • Supplies through our e-Services network*



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Thank you Wild Bill for the reply of what our compassion clubs are all about. We are going each and every month. 

@ retroizzie ..... Please come out and join us at the next monthly meeting.  I'll attach a copy of the flyer with all of the information.  You can also, call me at 619.249.3855. I Live in Grand Rapids and can answer any questions you may have. 


I look forward to meeting you.






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So Im pretty new to this and trying to learn more.  I'm in the Muskegon area can anyone point me in a good direction to learn more?



I'm Nicole, the local MMMA club sponsor in Grand Rapids.  We host monthly meetings every 4th Wednesday 6-7pm @ Schuler Books.  I will attach a flyer and all of the information is on there.  Feel free to give me a call with further questions.  


Look forwarding to talking to you.



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17 hours ago, Biegmann said:

So if I'm looking for a caregiver,  is this the place to go? I'm low income on disability and I suffer from chronic pain. 

This is an old thread and to the best of my knowledge there aren't any compassion clubs operating anymore. My best suggestion would be to grow your own if you are capable of doing so. All you need to get started is a pot of dirt and a seed.

There are a number of experienced growers here who can help with any start up problems you might have.

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I have come to realize that 'compassion club' means 'free weed' to many. Far too many. It's what stood in the way of free trade at the clubs. Growers hoping to find patients to serve for a decent wage and consumer patients wanting something for free (compassion). We were doomed to fail with that scenario. There's no middle ground and that left a void that was often filled by folks with bad intentions on both sides of the equation.

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When the med law passed I was able to be caregiver. I can assure You it was family members the price was FREE. So the legislature passed a 3/4 vote and took my right as caregiver away fast forward rec law got passed so now I can give away to unlimited michiganders as long as their over 21. I DO IT WITH BIG SMILE ON MY FACE WITH BLOODSHOT EYES

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