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Chicken Coop Or Grow House?

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I love it!

thanks for sharing :-)

I wonder how much it sold for?

makes me consider if it would it be worth making and marketing similar setups in my spare time?

the bottom part looks more like a screen while the top looks like chicken coop fencing...


my goal for next year is to be outdoors using free sunshine :-)

this is a 'backyard' kindof setup that wouldnt attract much attention

my brain is firing on all cylinders :-)


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as long as no neighbors or some one driving by cant see it, I love it, I love it any how lol!



unfortunatly I cant do it out doors, I have neighbors that can see, boats go by and can see it, cars go by and can see it lol!


untill I can get the set up I want, I will depend on my awsome c.g to keep me in meds,  I have to have one of the best c.g's in the state, I have not paid anything for mm in over 5 yrs, only one time my c.g was having some issues, I found an oz and I gave him half of it!


when I do start growin again I will have a pt, I will still keep my c.g as long as he want's to be my c.g!



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Just wait a few weeks, this ripper magnet will be back up for adoption .


This thing is like the Donald trump of the yard. There are 6. Mature plants in the photo but you can't Take your eyes off the cage.

Where are the Dont take my Weed, signs?


I am going with partial chicken coop

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