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Passed My Drug Test

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I've seen these tests at Dollar Tree.


For a $1.06 otd, I'm not sure how confident I would be with it's accuracy.

I'm not saying that paying more makes one of these tests more reliable.


@zachw  when was the last time you medicated prior to the test?



I have tested clean through the courts when I should have been 'dirty',

and dirty when there was NO way I was. 


I also tested clean in a 'random' at one of my jobs when I should not have.



I wonder if a bunch of us used these tests what the results would be?

It might be interesting to see, say if even 10 of us gave them a try.

Our own little 'controlled' study.

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Purchased at a Dollar Village which is not really a dollar store since they have lots of stuff over $1. But the kit was only a buck (next to the $1 pregnancy test kits which used to cost more than $5).


I had indulged perhaps an hour before administering the test. 

do tell!


your happy you passed an hr after partaking?  What is the reason for this urine screen?



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Dude, tell me how you did it? I recently decided to take a driver license exam and before the exam I need to take a quick drug test. I'm not a drug addict but I use kratom  for insomnia and I'm sure it will be identified as a drug. I don't know what I have to pass this exam. What can you suggest? I heard about synthetic urine, but I have never used such substances and besides there are quite conflicting opinions but I read the review on thblack.com and I really liked it.

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Yes, congratulations. I also use drugs sometimes, but the problem is that I have to pass a test at my job twice per year, but we are not told when the test will have to be passed and therefore I must pass a home test always in order to make sure I am clean. I buy Urine Drug Test Kits only on this site: confirmbiosciences.com, as I trust only them.

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